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I love that basket!!! Don't think of it as you finding the basket...think of it as 'the basket found you' and will be a nice addition no matter how you decide to use it [it's too pretty to use to hold BILLS, don't you think?].

Linda Sonia

I weave baskets and can remember taking a class where I was introduced to sweetgrass. Oh my, it was THE most intoxicating scent ever! Loved it. Your note brings back fond memories of it for me. It's a keeper!


I am sorry there are just some things in life you can never have too much off ;-)


How about we make another plan?
You should see the packet of sparrow bookplates I got for $2.00. And the awesome photo of 2 smiling sisters sledding in 1955 for $.25!!
And SO MANY lovely old red books for 3@ $1.00. Come on. You know you want to.
Love ya,


OMG I can't believe you passed up that fabulous weekend with Dede. I suppose if you had gone then you wouldn't have found that awesome basket and hanger (love that graphic)
Well never mind, the May flea market should be in much nicer weather. I'm with Dede, you know you want to! LOL


It is quite apparent to me that you really, definately, certainly NEEDED that basked. After all, look how many uses you've put it to already.

Great Score!


Kimberly Kwan

what a lovely collection of little treasures!
I love the basket full of BUTTONS!
(but then, I have issues with BUTTONS!!)


I agree with Rhonda: Get those bills out of that basket right now! LOL Very sweet basket, as are your various pictures!


Well, as usual you've found a treasure Charlotte. The basket is beautiful enough just to look at it, but I love it filled with buttons!


Baskets, boxes, bags . . . you can never, never have enough. Ideal purchases because they suggest that you are buying useful things when in fact you know you are buying indulgent beauties.


that was an adorable photo layout of the basket! So clever, (and versatile!) I like your new look to your blog! :)

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