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Delaney Gates

Just stumbled upon your blog. You're so inspiring! What a wonderful project that must have been!


What a lovely way to celebrate your dear friend's "big" birthday. I've got one coming up next May...yikes!


How nice....a scrapbook! People can tell you how much they mean to you but the written word is so much more powerful b/c you can savor it over and over again. Luck Jane!


I can't begin to express my love and thanks to Charlotte.

The God's were lined up properly on the day she walked by my house years ago with her beloved Jake and we said our first hellos!

A life long friendship began on that day and is nurtured everyday in everyway.

I'll always be there for her!!


What a sweet thing to do. It's obvious she means a lot to you. Really Lovely!


That sounds like a perfectly lovely birthday party. Dear friends are such a wonderful blessing!!


What a special gift, for a special friend. Our friends are what makes life so full and rich and rewarding.

It's gifts like yours that are the best, because I don't know who enjoys it more, the maker or the receiver!

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