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WoW!! I always love an underdog!!


I'm crying like a happy baby!!
Thank you, Andy.


YES!!! I was weeping tears of joy as well!!!!


Oh, what a way to start my day - tears and all. Thank you. Really enforces the notions that dreams really do come true and to dream BIG!


Great entry about your friend - and I love your "imagine" -- I have one in my office. And the clip really was wonderful. Yep, tears for sure. But we'll hear from this guy - wasn't he wonderful??


Oh my gosh - this clip was absolutely wonderful, amazing! What a beautiful story of your friend, too - thanks for making my day!


Sniff, sniff.....vincero!


Oh what a voice! That's a wonderful clip - I wonder what happend next?


Thank you for sharing that link. I gave me goosebumps in the good way!!!
I am dying to know what became/ becomes of him.


Clover sounds like a wonderful woman and sounds as if she has taught everyone a little about how to be a good neighbor. She must be a wonderful lady.

It's 6:15am and I'm in tears over your clip. That gentleman was terrific! Does Andy know what became of him?


I am blown away by this guy! Yes, tears, goosebumps---the works! I hope he goes far.
I, too have a friend like your Clover. Mine is 85 and in assisted living and I have the honor of being her caretaker.I have learned alot from her and she from me and hope the journey continues for a long time.


Charlotte... your story about your neighbor brought tears to my eyes and the clip, oh my, they are brimming over. What a lovely share...


p.s. forget to say, I also love love love that stone with Imagine engraved in it. A garden stone decoration perhaps? It's lovely

Annette Rousso

I am wiping my eyes...absolutely beautiful what a talent

Kimberly Kwan

what a delightful story! Clover sounds just liek my dear grandma, who will be 89 next week! everyone who has ever met her just adores her...and her sweet, generous spirit just radiates!

And that clip! WOW Tears for sure!


I am a blubbering idiot! Shivers...oh my gosh...I can't even put it into words. Thanks so much for sharing.


You were not kidding about the tissues. Wow!

lauren Mumford

My first comment after returning late this afternoon had to be here--what a sweet day for you, sweet story of your Clover. And Paul Potts??!!! I went and saw the video clip you shared then googled him and found more at youtube, ending with the fact that he WON the competition!! My thoughts watching his semi-final performance on youtube? Vindication. I'll send you the link if you want to see it.
And I did get goosebumpy and teary--thank you Charlotte.

stephanie t.

Nesun Dorma...oh my has deeply,intense memories attached to it and a past love...I heard Pavaroti sing it here in San Francisco back in the 80's...To this day I can't hear it without breaking down into great, blubbery sobs. This gentleman left me completely weak-kneed. Thanks for sharng the clip!


I loved reading about your friend Clover (and what a great name!). It's so wonderful that there are people like her and Mr. Neighbor in this world. I've met quite a few Clovers when I've been about at my wits' end with my son, somehow they just know that there's a mom who needs help and show up to do just that.

Loved your opera link too. It's a great story, I hope that man does well.


oh yes, that guy!

I saw it live and cried buckets... And he did win the competition (which was for a place to perform in front of the Queen this autumn on the Royal Variety Show). And he's already recording an album.

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