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Breathtakingly lovely! What a wonderful way to pay tribute to a special person.


A D O R A B L E !!! hope she brings in a bundle!


What a sweet angel, for a sweet angel. Clarice


Such a pretty wee creature nestled in the vintage creamer. Lovely, lovely . . . and perfect for the cause.


Your angelic mouse is just Perfect!

Diane Duda

I followed Brianna's journey for several weeks and was completely heartbroken when she lost her battle.
This is a lovely contribution and I'm sure it will help alot.
I think that you are one of those "earth angels" of which you speak. :)


Isn't that Cherie darling? I just love her home and her bejeweled little nose. I'm sure the auction will be a huge success.

Cherry Menlove

I agree with you about the angels. I adore what you have created and I'm sure the auction will go so very well indeed.

Cherry xx

Charlotte, your creation for Brianna's auction is wonderful! I love how all of our angels are so very different...I can't wait for the auction.



A beautiful idea for commemoration of a young and undoubtedly wonderful girl. Your little mouse, inside a little cup no less, helps explain why so many of us are soft on these adorable little creatures.

Melissa Lobdell

Oh, lovely! Both your creation and your reasons behind it! Another reminder of why I love our blogdom so much! xo-Mel


i think this is the sweetest thing i've seen in a long time. bless brianna, her family and all of you!


What a wonderful angel for a great cause. I'll be sure to stop by the auction...


What an adorable angel! Isn't it amazing how so many have come together as one for this cause?



Love your angel, but I loved your stories about the twine! gave me a good laugh. Laurie


Such a sweet and dear angel...just like Briana herself. I am praying the auction brings in all the needed monies...I have had Briana and her family in my thoughts for days and that will continue...

Hugs to you,


What a sweet little mouse! I was not familiar with Briana's story and I clicked over to read and was overwhelmed with sadness. Wonderful that so many artists are contributing for the family.


Very sweet. It is so inspiring to work in concert on a project with artists all over the country. I am amazed by the outpouring of love, time, and talent poured out by all of the artists involved. It has been humbling to participate.


Kimberly Kwan

oh charlotte!
she is a D E L I G H T!
YOU are an angel for creating this for such a worthy cause!

julie collings

such heartfelt words of love and hope.

and what a generous gift you have given,
an adorable mouse in the sweetest little nest.
xo julie

The Decorated House

Oh I love her!
It's so beautiful to see the gathering of artists for this sweet child. Each Angel seems to reflect how we feel about this sadness and yet each one has such hope and love with it.
It will be exciting to see all the Angels together.

Andrea S.

the sweetest little angel! Yes, they are among us and above, aren't they? How wonderful that you created this piece for the auction.


What een nice mouse!


jessi nagy

oh oh this is so charming! i love it. so cute.
jessi nagy
silver bella girl

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