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I'm so glad for the idea of eclecticism. I've often tried to narrow my style into a definative and focused catagory. It never works...I like too many things, and none of them "go" together. The only common thread is my adoration.

I am in love with all the treasures in your photo, glad you've finally won your prizes!


What a lovely picture. I too would get stuck on a few objects (visually attached), and then not notice the others.


It looks so charming and old fashioned :-)

tea time and roses

Wow, sounds like me! I need to see my things, and they do inspire me... Sometimes, it seem as though I am getting little done because I work here and there. But it is ok, I love it is little bits and pieces of me that make a whole...



I read this and a few things just jumped out at me the reference to the "layered, collaged life in here" and also the "No prizes needed. Already won them all". Love those! I'm so happy to know that you feel that way but even happier to see someone appreciate the small things that we all take for granted every single day.
Thank you Charlotte, you have made my day happier!

Karen Winch

Edit.. is something I understand but cannot do. Sometimes the smallest thing can hold my attention. I understand that clutter is "bad" and when and if- I do edit or organize I like the result. I have a dear friend who thinks everything she finds is of great worth.. I know I have some 100% pure junk but it is very hard to part with it. I simply like it too much. So do what you can and enjoy the rest.


Oh I do wish you could spend an hour in my sewing/craft room. I've recently renamed it "my scrappy room" as it's the scraps of life, things other people toss aside but I treasure. I try to close the door, keep it a sort of private place for only myself, as the girls make fun of it in a way... Next thing I know, I find one of them in there, making something for a friend! Are your daughters that way? I imagine so! Another month and the college daughter won't be here to turn the scrappy room light off at night for me. (When I fall asleep on the couch...with my fingers on my laptop keyboard...)


Charllote I love this “the stuff that makes me remember who I am” that is it, why love my stuff so much. I just could not find the words and now you did for me. Thank you !!!! I am going to add this to my quote book. xoxoxox Clarice


I imagine your studio as one great big beautiful collage.
I too surround myself with things that inspire me. Life is so fleeting, whimsical and beautiful. I tend to collect things that remind me of that.


Oh my gosh! We used to play that game. I had totally forgotten about it. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.


I played a version of that game once, only a couple years ago at a autumn party. We had to look at the tray filled with natural elements and then run around the yard and find as many as we could remember (like certain leaves and flowers) and I won! It was the only time I ever heard of that game but I guess it's a classic! Thanks for sharing! xo Natalea


If the peoople who write to you could only see your magical studio in person like I have -- so many layers of wonderful "stuff" to explore.

You're not only a wonderfully crafty person, but you've become a gifted writer. So many talents; I wish some would rub off on your pals.

Don't be too quick to part with treasures.


i am determined to use everything in my studio before i buy more...blessings, rebecca


Oooh, you have a little Chinese dish, too! We have a whole collection of them and I showed several in this Studio Friday post about collections:



I love you how you have put this collage together, especially with the blues. It reminds me of when I grew up on the beaches near my home. I look forward to meeting you at Silver Bella and I will be taking one of your classes. It will be a first time for me and as a fairly new resident of Omaha, it will be a treat as well to meet people in the area.


I remember that party game very well. Remember the telephone game, where someone whispered a phrase into the next person's ear and this went on all the way around the table. The last person at the table would announce what was whispered and it was never the same as what the first person had said and we all cracked up about it? Thinking back, those parties were so much fun...simpler times.


Oh, Charlotte, I SO know the feeling as I, too, hold on to lots of those sweet things and relish in the moments of each one. I feel your blog is the same way...a tray full of good things to look at, but you have to stop and think of each one. Thanks for taking me back to those simpler times, if only for a moment! xo Lia


OMG...I'm Old! I remember my Mom used to play that game at my birthday parties !!!
Love all your inspirational treasures Charlotte. :)

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