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karen benson

You wouldn't have had to ask me...Yours was my favorite! I love the colors! karen b...


How cool is that? I always like voting on their covers.
I just voted for yours, and will do so some more! I hope yours is chosen!!


Yours is very cool but I wonder how ethical?? -- is that the right word -- it would be to vote over and over. I dunno. But I hope you win all the same.


I am a new visitor and I must say that I love your blog. I am also happy to give you my vote!


That was easy...I liked your the Best :)


HOW CAN IT NOT??? It's clearly the best cover!

Tami Bowman

#3, check.

BEAUTIFUL cover!!!

julie (jane's apron)

OK...I'm not just saying this...your cover was the best. The others were so normal and the cool blues and wreath-instead-of-tree idea.


I love your blog and the snowmen are just adorable. Good Luck!


I am a brand new visitor to your BLOG...I found out about you after voting for your COVER at the Home Companion website! Good Luck Charlotte!


Ok, Ok...I confess...I have been a lurker. But, because I love ME Home Companion and I love your blog, I had to come out of hiding today. Your cover easily gets my vote! It was just simply the BEST! Good Luck.

jessi nagy

good luck!
I just voted twice.
your is the best. those snowman rock!
jessi nagy


I voted!!! Sweet Mountain Holiday here we come!! Sure wish we had the weather of a sweet mountain holiday right about now!! I hope you win Charlotte!!!Just to be chosen even is an honor I would think!


#3 is the sweetest. Hope to see it in print.


Charlotte, it's my pleasure to vote for your wonderful cover, it's my favorite. I love your style and sense of whimsy and sweetness. Your snowmen are so charming!

Sending out lots of good luck wishes and cover winning mojo magic!


I voted !!!! xoxoxoxo Clarice


Okay, so that was just TOOOOOOO easy! Your cover is clearly the best choice, Charlotte - and I cannot wait to get a peek at more of those DARLING snowmen!

Darn you...I really didn't want to think about Christmas yet! ;o)


your wish is my command!!!! LOL ... ooooo I hope you win too!! LindaSonia


too cute cover, I voted!


Oh my goodness! I voted for that cover a few days ago BEFORE I knew it was yours!! See how lovely and talented you are? Now of course I love it even more!!


CLICK...that was my vote! Good luck!



i liked them all but yours screamed ME to me!!!


Going to vote right now!!;)


vote i and white christmas cover is so original...that is my christmas...along with my pink and white christmas in california...good luck...blessings, rebecca

Karen Young

Great cover, I went over and voted. Hope you win



OK, I'm voting away for cover #3, it's the best one too! HC is my absolute favorite magazine and I have every issue. I always look for your contributions too! Love you work and always find inspiration from your ideas. xo, suzy

Elizabeth Holcombe

What a FAB cover! Yours should WIN! OH, YES!!!!! XXOO, Beth


ok ok, I voted already! I was really hoping on my way over there that I would like no. 3 the best, and yippee, I did!


Stephanie K.

I voted for you... because I think it was by far the best cover!!! I love those snowmen.... how adorable.


I off to vote for you girl!! xxoo, Dawn ~ tis beautiful too!


I loved your cover the best but I would have voted for you anyway because I love your blog - so creative and refreshing.


Charlotte--An easy vote--the cover conveys "my colors"--it's beautiful....was thinking about you, as we do some pondering over a P.E.I. cottage...Best of luck-hope your cover wins!

Carolyn Peeler

Congrats on the nomimation my dear. I voted for you, it was easy, your cover was the best :-)
Sending best wishes your way!

tea time and roses

I did it! I voted for number 3, and I will be voting again.... Good luck to you, and the cover is just beautiful!




Of the three I would have picked yours anyways because it is truly the best. So fresh~ Good luck!

tea time and roses

I did it! I voted for number 3... Good luck to you, and the cover is just beautiful!




Awe your snowmen are so adorable! The cover is the most beautiful anyway and I'm sure it'll win! I have just voted 3 times! Fingers crossed for you! Best wishes from Germany sends you Carol xox

Daisy Cottage

Well, okay... since you insist!
I voted for #3 several times because OF COURSE it is the BEST cover! Go Charlotte!


Best of luck, will pop over and vote even though I don't buy the mag!


Your cover was clean and elegant - the type of room I would like to have in my house. You've got my vote!

Good Luck


So glad I could vote! It's a lovely cover.



Anything for you Miss Charlotte! They're all so beautiful (of course!) But I honestly love yours the best.


DONE :-)

Welcome over to my blog and read my travelogue from last week in western Norway.

melissa @ the inspired room

Voting, voting, voting, is clearly the best choice!



Oh, I love the colors!! Your cover is the best, hands down!

Shannon J

Hands down Charolotte! - #3 IS the BEST one for sure! I LOVE it! Those snowmen just melt my heart! Good luck! Can't wait to see you in Nebraska at SB!! ;D


voted today, and have set reminder to vote every day between now and August 23rd!




I love your cover!!! and I love Season's 'cause my SIL used to work for them!!! Your cover is elegant and simple, plus who doesn't love soft and squishy snowman!

Andrea S.

I'll go vote now!

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