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Stephanie Howell

how cute is that house??
sent you an email!


Hi Charlotte, love the house!
I sent you an e-mail.
I've actually been making one of your kits today from Silver Bella.


How cute are those? And what great childhood memories you have - they sound a lot like those of my mother. I am trying to create that sort of carefree childhood for my kids as much as possible. And the kit is ADORABLE!


Oh come on now Charlotte! These are so cute they are borderline *ridiculous*. Or, maybe a better description would be *ridiculously cute*!?! :D


This is darling, you are too clever.

Julie Loeschke

Sent an email. Hope to hear soon. :)


Can't keep up with your crafting adorableness (i'm making up words, that okay?) Love the story of your neighborhood and of course love the little cozy house.


Sent you an email so I can enjoy recreating your heart-felt little house :>). Pam


Oh my good gosh Charlotte! I must have those! Sent you an email. :)

Ellen Crimi-Trent

love these sooo cute!!

Carolyn Peeler

What an adorable little project Charlotte. Good Luck!


I know that area well...we lived near St. Louis for 3 and a half years and loved it.
This project is so sweet and special thanks to the warm memories.
I want to begin getting the kits as Grace wants to try them!



I'm a Missouri-girl too! (Though I've lived in Illinois now for 14 years) Did you see the great coffee table book that came out several years ago about the amazing houses on Westmoreland? Your post today makes me want to find it at the library again! Happy Holidays

terri ventura

Hi Charlotte,
This is beyond sweet I must have a kit... You can bring some to the class next week...


What a great kit, what makes it special are your sweet memories that you shared!

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

These are adorable! I have a soft spot for these little houses!

Heather - Speckled Egg

Oh Charlotte! This kit is just stunning! I love it to pieces!!!


Charlotte, you little houses are perfectly adorable and your post is more evidence that we grew up in the same time with the same Midwestern aesthetic. I still have one of those felt and sequin stockings (will post it on my blog, soon), my mother had a "theme" tree all in peacock blue and olive green, and I swayed to the tune of "Bossa Nova Noel." Your post really brings back memories.

Daughter Maggie

Ma, these are really cute - and your post isn't as mushy as you made it sound! It's nice...glad one of us can still manage to be nostalgic! I'll get it back you! xoxomags


All the good parts of Christmas past ... love the kit.


Absolutely wonderful, my friend!!! MAkes me wish so desperately that I was feeling less...uuuuuhhhh...pukey, so that I could do some crafting. ;)

Hey, not that I am the paypal pro by ANY means, but YELL if you need some help with those nasty buttoms. I've discovered a few tricks through all the times I've nearly pulled my hair out selling on my blog.


I know that area of University City well. Though I lived on Southwood off of Skinker in Clayton my senior year at Wash. U., several of my friends lived in U. City. Great neighborhood! Your kit is just as sweet as can be.

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