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Helen Shields

Oh wow love the mouse, so funny as I have been working on trying to make a hamster for a little girl who my children and I are doing a swap with. Both my youngest daughter and the swap partners daughter have a thing for mice and hamsters so I thought it would be nice to craft them both a hamster to play with. Thimblelina would be the name of choice I think. I am loving you heart posts since hearts are very prominent in my home. My favourite hearts are those drawn for me by my three children, I have kept almost every one and put them in their scrapbooks, next to that would be their baby clothes which one day I hope to sew into a blanket for the livingroom so I can cuddle up under their love each night.

I was sorry to hear about your friend but I am sure that your memories will serve to warm your heart.


What a cutie! In real life I am petrified of them but this one would be special. I actually met my husband "online" and the screen name I used was "Bleeding Heart" because it is one of my favorite flowers. I think I'd call her Miss Bleeding Heart :-) Rosie


The sweet little mouse looks like a Fiona to me. I love hearts - I make lots of them to fill with lavender, but the shape itself is so timeless no matter what it's made of. My favorite heart around here would have to be a locket with my children's pictures inside, or the many Valentines's hearts made by them over the years.

Johanna Brinkman

The mouse is simply adorable and I have to agree with Thumbelina as a name.

I have read your blog for awhile now and truly enjoy every moment.

Currently I'm in the midst of making an art quilt for my mother who had a massive stroke on December 28, 2005. She is in a nursing home living unaware. While not in the shape of a heart, incorporated will be heart patterns, like the crocheted stem woven through flowerette eyelets. Around a picture I heat transferred unto muslin of my mother holding her dog, Chantilly, I placed yellow tulle fabric in a whimsical way that will end at the bottom of the crocheted stem in the shape of a heart. The title of this work is, "Unfailing Love."

Different fabrics represent her loves. Roses. Frogs. Bees. Pieced together with thought. Sewn together with love.

A tad untraditional, but we're not in a traditional mother/daughter role anymore. While she is in Illinois and I live in Kansas, a piece of my heart will be in her room. While I don't believe she'll ever see it, I hope her soul feels my love.

Hearts are special!

What a sweet,snuggly mouse. My 5 yr.old,Rose,tells me she needs to be "snuggled" when she wants to cuddle. I think Rose would be a sweet mouse name too.
I am loving all the heart posts!

Gabriela Delworth

Hello from Canada!

Charlotte, I always admired your work, what a great talent you have. Your "creatures" are adorable...If I were to name this little mouse, I will call her "Cloe" the pearl nose mouse...

Have a great weekend!


tracy rizzo

How about Miss Mamie

Kimberly C.

I think "Ear-heart" would suit her - don't you?

Kim C.

Alexa Lett

I feel as though the mouse has been named...the heart says, "xo xo"...why not name it "ox squared"?

ox2 (I can't get this properly typed in this comment page)

Thanks for the fun thing to do!

cameron churdar

I grew up on Beatrix Potter books--how about Hunca Munca? If you remember, she trashed a dollhouse with her husband in The Tale of Two Bad Mice, my favorite BP book.


Charlotte - What a wonderful collection of hearts you have! My friend has been finding stone hearts for years with her little boys - they'd find one every time they went fishing together and I'm SO envious of her collection. Love that cute little mousie!
Gayle in UT


I don't know why but I think I would call her Tillie. As soon as I saw her thats what came to me.
She is adorable! and in a handpainted vintage tea cup makes her even more special.


I always liked the idea of naming a pet with the name of a different animal. Hence I think your mousie could be called "Kitty"...., yes I have a weird sense of humor!

Have a great weekend :)


I think Pearl is a beautiful name for a beautiful pearl nosed mouse.


I think it is a he mouse and since he is sitting in a tea cup he has to be an English mouse. So I think his name should be Percy.

jenny b harris

Hmmm... the charming and diminutive Miss Pekoe Limoges.

Charlotte, I have followed this series with great interest, and have been really touched by each of your posts. They have all been wonderful and "heartfelt." Thank you.

Lou Ann

She is beautiful!! I think I would name her "Miss Scarlett"
Lou Ann

from my cherry heart

Charlotte, I am a long time admirer of your creations!
This lil mouse is so precious!
I'd name her Isabella or Penellope
those two names come to mind!

Hugz, Dolly


I am just loving all these mouse
names, but when I saw her I thought "Mariah". What a cutie, indeed.


I'd name her Brie Bumbershoot. :)

She's so precious Charlotte, such a sweet expression. She will be much loved by her new family.

I've so enjoyed your *heart* posts!

Kelly Henderson

Such a cutie-pie. The name Felicity Heartbottom popped into mind- no idea where that one came from!


I browsed through the comments to see if my name choice had been given, and it has. I want to give a second vote to the name Pearl. What a soft and precious name for a tiny little mouse.


She reminds me of my precious Gretel...not a movement went unnoticed...


Charlotte, I love your work - how sweet of you to share this adorable little mouse. I can't resist all the "tea-time" names popping in to my head...Tippy (as in teapot) Heartstrings, Peppermint (she's all red & white & I love peppermint tea), or Clementine 'o Mine (another great flavor!). She also looks like a "Pippi McTwig" for some reason. Thanks for the fun!


I'd call her "Sneaker," which is what my pet mouse was named when i was a child!


To me, she looks like a crumpet.

Ms. Tea Crumpet.


How about Scarlett because of her red ears...she's so sweet!


I think her name is Muffy and she is a sweet heart mouse. She spreads love, good cheer, warmth, and smiles where ever she goes. Well, one peep at her made me love her, she made me smile, and filled me with the warmth and good cheer of a fond memory.

The very first married gift my husband and I bought was a tiny ceramic apple that had what appeared to be a hole chewed in the side, out of which peeped a little gray mouse. The little apple was a toothpick holder! We stopped in a Stuckey's store for a soda just one hour after we were married and saw this little cutie and bought it. It resided in every kitchen I've ever had until a few years ago it accidentally knocked off and broken beyond repair. I lost the mouse but I still have the man 28 years later!


Hearts have always been a special part of my life as I was born on Valentine's Day. I've really been enjoying all of these wonderful heart posts.

I think that the hearts with the most meaning to me have come from my girls. There is a bright orange, lopsided felt heart sewn with wonky purple stiches in my kitchen that makes my heart sing.

As for the sweet little mouse...she whispered in my ear that she prefers to be called Miss Molly.


Chamomille in her teacup!


I like Valentina perhaps? Maybe too corny. Otherwise, Blossom.


Maribelle for sure.


My heart is my new baby granddaughter, Bella. What a gift grandchildren are! My husband and I are infatuated with her. Do you have any yet? I think Bella is the perfect name for a perfect little mouse!!


I adore little mice, and teacups, and all kinds of sweet little things. I would like to name your little mouse, Lula Belle. A sweet name for a sweet little mouse. Thank you!


What a sweet little mousie. How about Blossom? It was my mom's nickname and she is always in my heart. Loving your heart series.

Ann Mabee

I think Ellie Belle suits her nicely. Love your work!


I too love hearts and they find a way into my art often - I love the little mouse and would name her RED - that is what popped into my head when I saw those cute big red ears -


What a sweet little mouse, she looks like a Ruby Anne, to me with those sweet little red ears :)
Your blog is such a delight to visit :)
crystal :)


Well two names come to mind. Little Plum and Della Robbia. Can wait to hear what name you chose. have a yummy day xoxoxo Clarice


I believe she should be named after her "mother".....Lotte (only pronounced, "lottie").


how about Nettie??? It's a name I picked up from our trip to Louisiana

susans at black eyed susans kitchen

Charlotte, I am truely happy to know other women who appreciate the heart as much as I do. A name for your adorable little creation? How about Sweetea Mouse, relative of Mighty Mouse. I know a little corny, but she is very cute. Susan


Lucy - those adorable red ears remind me of watching Lucy and Ethel and their zany antics.


With her shiny pearl nose and ruby red ears she would have to be 'little gem'.

julie (jane's apron)

Too sweet. I see her with an "m" about Mabel?

Karen Hansz

Charlotte, you're such a source of inspiration to me ... and your little mouse (who I would name "Tweenie") is cute as can be. I'm sorry about the loss of your friend. While difficult at this time, I'm sure your memories of that friend will be something you'll treasure for many years to come.


Hi Charlotte,
I've been reading your blog for some time now and love your wonderful creations! I'd name you sweet little white mouse Jasmine, one of my favorite tea flavors. Thanks for all the hearts this month - can't wait to see what's next!


What a darling mouse!
She just looks like Miss Melly to me!


Hi Charlotte!
I think Petunia Pipsqueak would be a good name!!! She is sooooo cute!


With that cute little nose, I think she should be "Pearl." She is darling!

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