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i shall be the first to leave a comment! yay! how exciting to actually, maybe, have a bit of something from your "work space"!
i still enjoy my little books you wrote with mary englebreit...summer, fall, winter, spring! good stuff! and i love it all!


what a great idea - i am in a clearing out the studio mode too!


So Glad you and 'the girls' are so inspired! That's what we artsy types live on, isn't it.

Have fun assembling your goodies, enjoy the day :)


Yippee, yippee! Fun and games with the girls! Looking forward to seeing what you all have been up to.

Tami B.

Oh my heavens...can't WAIT to see this zine that everyone's talking about. Really enjoy your blog, Charlotte! Happy day!


Can't wait to see what you girls are cookin' up.


Courious-er, and courious-er...that's what your hints are making me...can't wait to see the secret revealed.
If the contents of that pretty bundle of wool is as cute as the tag attached to it well...I can imagine all sorts of creating coming on.
I continue to enjoy your blog.


You really have me curious now!


Oh cannot wait to see your creation. You have had us on pins and needles with excitement!! Love your wool scraps - what fun they would be to own.


i am dying to see what you all are up to.


delightful...but most delightful when you guide me in the cute things I can make with them...toss my name that drawing and then show us something cute.


Count me in. Hard to get good wool scraps in the desert, lol.


this will be fun!
can't wait to see what you and the girls are making.
Always love seeing your work

kristin've certainly peaked MY interest.

what a great idea for give-aways. i could always use some wool scraps :)


Can't wait to see what you are creating!! I really enjoy your blog.


I can't wait to see the finished project that you and "the girls" have been working on since I do hate suspense! I hope we will be seeing it very soon.


You are such an inspiration to me. Put me in the pool! Kris

Leigh Ann

OH! Count me in!


I cannot wait to see what is up! Love your site. Terry


Great stuff! You are an inspiration.


Oh, I love that collection of felted sweater squares. How yummy! Can't wait to see what's coming up next.

Dede Warren

If this little Zine/Project of yours is anything as good as the books you put out alone, I can hardly wait to set my eyes upon it!


How fun! Love your blog. Jan

Julie Loeschke

I am so excited about the reveal of this project, that i can hardly stand it! Will be stalking all week!

Meleen Dupré


from the peeks you gals have been giving us of this "project" it sounds like i'm going to run out of room on the couch!!



Oh my what a fun job to go through all those goodies. And we get the chance of reaping the rewards? SWEET!


reading all of your blogs , i am getting excited too !! can't wait to see what you are all up too !! so much inspiration in all of you !!


Spring cleaning! I loved Alicia's scraps too, but they were sold out fast. Fun!

Jenny Morgan

Thanks for giving us all something exciting to look forward to when you unveil the surprise "project" you've been working on! Can't wait!!


Goody goody! I love felt, hope I win!


Oooh, so much tantalizing teasing going on! I can hardly wait.



Oh Charlotte, I can't wait for this Zine!!! I love everything you girls do.!!


I love your is refreshing! And, I LOVE giveaways, even though I have yet to win one, still, the anticipation of 'maybe this time!'


would love to have alittle bit of miss charlotte's world!


Love your work--I've been a fan for decades!! What fun this will be!


Hi Charlotte,
I just noticed the white and green stripes as I'm commenting (have they been there all along)? lol! been busy finishing up my panels that I'm swapping with the ladies over at Karla's Cottage and decided to cut up some of my home made paper and glue it to one of my cans and then got busy doing something else and need to finish the can.
So cool that you're destashing with us in mine.


let me know if you ever wanna trade thrifted goodies!

I'm very intrigued by the project with 'the girls'.you all are so incredibly talented, I can only imagine what will florish!

P.s. I really got a chuckle from the above comment (Meleen)

Rise' McKnight

Sounds like fun!! Looking forward to thr book.


I'd love to be entered into the draw please. Can't seem to get good wool sweaters to felt around my way. Love your blog!


looking forward to seeing what you and the girls cooked up! All of you are such creative inspirations.
have a wonderful week!


I agree with everyone! We wait...thanks for sharing your talent and heart,


The suspense!
Thank you,


Looks awesome! And I cannot wait to find out what you girls have been up to!



Goodness! I just found your blog, and I am new to blogging. So, I am so happy to possibly be a part of this giveaway. I love your images and am finding great ideas and inspiriaton in your posts. Thanks so much and I hope you will visit me as well. C--


It's like being 6 and Christmas is a week away ! Excitment and anticipation going on overload all at the same time LOL ! I am usually a lurker but seriously have to come out of the shadows for this ! Maybe there will even be chocolate !What fun !!! Have a great day, Patty

Vicki K

The felt-button-flower-tag is just the touch I needed for my Mother's Day gift to mom--thank you Charlotte!


I am so excited to see the felted fabric! It has become one of my most favorite to work with.....thanks!


I can't wait to see your project!!!
A chance to get one of your "goodies"! I'm so excited!


Just found this blog about a month ago and I can't start a day without reading it. I love it!!


Spring cleaning inspires a lot of creativity - and can't wait to see what you have been up to!

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