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Yvonne Welty

Charlotte, I'd love to buy a finished bracelet from you. I'm sure it would be a bestseller for you. Yvonne


How cute! I think a kit would be more fun. For me, I love learning how to make something, and new techniques, so that's why I'd prefer the kit. However, the finished piece would be great for busy people or a quick gift. I'd say do both!


I would love to buy one of your bracelets. A hit it would be!

Jenny Doh


Nancy Serwinski

I would rather learn to make my own also.


I would love to buy one as a kit.

Debbie Demmers-Lujan

It is the simple beauty of it, Charlotte!! Yes, I would love to learn more!!!

Babi Sugarman

please, I would love to learn them! thanks

Linda Thiltgen

I would love to buy it as a kit, because then you could add some personalization. What a treasure and a lovely bracelet. I think you cold find success offering both actually!

Suz Reaney

Is that ever cute!


lorraine lewis

both- how fun!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

I love your friendship bracelet, Charlotte. Such a wonderful post, Jenny did about you and your bracelet. Sounds like most people want both choices which is probably good because I can't decide :)


I'd also like a kit. It is adorable!

Debby Schuh

I want one already made! :)


How about both....xox Corrine


Now I think I'd prefer both two. Decisions, decisions. :)


I'm so excited I can't even spell!?!

karin c

Ohhhh, a kit would be lovely fun, but I would purchase one already created if it were the only choice. Just delightful.


Oh, I love kits; a kits would be lovely~


Oh I really like the kits. Jenny have post an article about you and the bracelet which you have made for her. Really so nice friendship between both of you.What a lovely bracelet i wish i have one. Charlotte I would love to buy finished bracelet from you.

Thank You
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Kaari Meng

Cute kit - love it!! Hope all is well - and looking forward to seeing you in Omaha in November!

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