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What gorgeous and unique choices! I love them.


Hi Charlotte!
I have absolutely no experience or advice but I think it would be so lovely to have ones handmade by you, makes them ever so much more precious and dear. I adore the cabbage-y ones and is that freesia? YUM!
I'm sending you an email about another cough cough topic. :)
Happy coming week to you!

Deb @ Retreat

Charlotte, I have the most wonderful memories of creating the bouquets for my daughter Bethany's wedding in 2005... I had a CD of Italian arias playing while I worked in the autumn sunshine creating them. Simple, like yours, but so full of love. To this day, I cry when I hear that CD because it brings back all of the love I poured into her special day! I know you will enjoy it and never forget the joy of it... and neither will she. ;0)

Suzy McQ

Charlotte, It is lovely! I too love the variegated kale, which you may have trouble finding in April, since it is a member of the cabbage family. However, you may be able to substitute with peonia that are full-blown and lucious. The other items are readily available.

I'm going to throw this out, and, it's just a thought. Wouldn't a nice contrast between the webbing's texture and substance be perhaps lovely vintage silk ribbon, maybe even in the chartreuse, tied around the webbing in a soft droopy bow for just the tiniest bit of added girliness and softness?

Just thinkin'. And, feeling just a bit intimidated because you are so good.

The webbing and it's "sister" burlap with or without the ribbon could become a bit of a wedding theme, repeated in votives, placecards, table settings, etc.....


My daughter/bridesmaids/me made the bouquets with red roses for my daughter's Jan. 2 wedding seven years ago.


At first I was a bit skeptical, but I am SOOO glad we did this.

One of my happiest memories of that happy event.


It's lovely. For our daughter's wedding this past September, her sister-in-law and a friend made the bouquets. So much more personal. And they were lovely. And yours will be too. Another way to create wonderful memories.

Diana Smith

Charlotte, Your bouquets are beautiful! You can cut the ends of the bouquets even across the bottom and then wrap down leaving 2" unwrapped on the bottom. Then if you have a 9" cylinder vase (usually under $5.00) with an 1"-1 1/2" of water, the bouquets will stay fresh all day. Just pop them back in the vases when they're not being used, like between photos and such. You can even put them on the head table like this. The bouquet will sit in the vase perfectly. You've done a lovely job! We're having a snow storm here so the flowers look extra springy!


Your bouquet came out lovely, I think the kale made the whole thing and the wrap simple and subtle. What a lovely idea. I am sure your daughter will remember these little things about the up coming wedding most of all. I know I would. xox Corrine


Beautiful simplicity.

and the fragrant freesia will create a memorable scent + memory association for years to come.


Hello Charlotte,

Love these personalized bouquets.
You will be able to keep these colours, although in the Spring you will also have more options to choose from for your bouquet designs. There are tons of flowers and leaves available.

I have just preserved and framed a wedding bouquet for a friend...and I am working on another one.

Email me if you have intentions of preserving the wedding bouquet, making keepsakes with bridesmaids or using decorations made with flowers.

~ Gabriela ~

Zita - Mlle Magpie

How special, Charlotte. I would love to make the bouquets for my daughters' weddings too :) (many years away though...). I agree with Diana - trim the stems even at the bottom and keep them in cylindrical vases overnight in a cool place, making sure the water level doesn't drop. At the reception, do put them in the cylindrical vases on the table (nice decoration and they will keep longer). Plus you can spritz them with cool water at any time during the wedding day to freshen them up. It will be so much fun for you to do this for your daughter in April (I got married in April too).


Beautiful bouquet. They will stay fresh overnight if you can keep them cool and in a little water.


Beautiful flowers! My only comment would be to make the bouquets on the smallish side. You don't want them to cover the complete front of the bride and bridesmaids. If you're not sure of the scale, take a photo of the bride holding the bouquet to see how much it covers her bodice.

Colette Copeland

Beautiful! You really don't need advice from me!!

Love, Colette


I think the bouquet is lovely - simple and perfect. Did Maggie like the result?

I did a couple of weddings a long time ago and the fantasy you can create is remarkable. I know that you will find inspiration in the available blossoms at the time - just like choosing your color of fabric or felt for your creations....a new medium..... beautiful......

Cherie Wilson

Do Love them. Really Do!

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