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Linda Jo

Oh my goodness. I don't know if it's the pollen or your post...but I suddenly have tears in my eyes! What a beautiful picture of your mother on her wedding day. And what a gift that veil is, Charlotte. It's beautiful. My best wishes for this upcoming wedding.... looking forward to the pictures!


How typical of your Mom to make this wonderful comment. Can't wait to see the beautiful bride!

Claudia Small

Sweetest little story. I know Maggie will feel so special walking down the aisle in her grandmother's veil. What a beautiful legacy.

Troy Louise

Wow, what a beautiful bride & the veil is gorgeous. It's so special that it will be used again. Your home must be overflowing in excitement. Hugs.


What a glorious photo and what a special legacy INDEED!! How special!!


How about a picture of you in that dress? (I cant believe you shortened it!) Your mom was stunning.....they just don't make those like they used to...SO much classier than the cr*p they show on Say Yes to the Dress!


The veil is so beautiful and your mom looking stunning in the dress and I know you must have looked stunning too in the dress and maggie will look equally stunning in the veil not just the material things that make us look awesome, it's the love that is glowing through you gals on that special day for all to see...thank you for sharing it with us... ;O)


This looks so much like the veil I got to wear in 1990 that was my mother in law's brought by her father from Europe during WWII. Beautiful.


thanks- the link in the first paragraph takes you to me on my wedding day - in her shortened dress, getting married at our house, with my sweet dad taking me down the steps/aisle. o, so long ago! sadly, the dress didnt survive the day - tent wedding on the driveway in the rain ruined the bottom of the dress. but the most fun night!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

How very special, Charlotte. Your Mother's veil is a true vintage beauty. Really looking forward to seeing wedding photos of Maggie wearing that beautiful veil.

Janet Ghio

Beautiful veil. How special that it will be worn again!


Hello Charlotte,

Thanks for sharing the link to your wedding again. Love that post!
This veil is awesome! Can't wait to see the transformation...
The flowers embroidered on the veil look familiar...they remind me the ones you make with them!

~ Gabriela ~


Such a beautiful veil.I can't wait to see the transformation.Just love your Mom's attitude.It will be such a special day.


Your mom is the best! I can just picture her saying that too! (Even though we have never met, the pics you have posted of her-- I'm sure she is still quite the firecracker!)


I had tears in my eyes like Linda Jo...that may be the sweetest thing I have read in a long time.
I am holding all of you in my heart through Saturday.


Oh my what a lovely picture of your Mom in a very beautiful dress and the just exquisite.
They did a great job shortening the dress for you, it looked perfect!
You should have a triptych made of the three of you.
Thank you for all of your updates, it is so thrilling to read. I am so happy for you and your family.


Beautiful, timeless dress and veil.
Loved this post!

linda warlyn

All is can say is *sigh* xox


how wonderful your daughter will wear your mother's veil;restyled of course. my daughter is getting married in june and is wearing my mother's wedding dress. Such a poinant time of life made more special by daughters who appreciate their heritage. Joyous beyond words!


What a lovely touch - brought a little tear to my eye!

 Jean C.

Beautiful veil! It seems a lot of girls don't think as much about the veils any more. One lady I knew used her wedding dress to make her daughters blessing dress, and did something with it for her bapitism dress (we baptise when children are 8) and then they used some of the lace on the daughters wedding dress some how. I wish that I had had the forsite to do something like that. Although... I have 3 daughters!
Tell your daughter good luck and wonderful blessings on her special day!


Have a wonderful wedding weekend! And all our love to Maggie and her new husband. I know she will be a beautiful bride, Andy an emotional Dad, and you, your wonderful sweet sentimental self with a vintage hankie in clenched hand.
Love, Connie

Nicki Dwyer

Your wedding was so much fun Charlotte! And I am so sorry to be missing this one.

Laura @ 52 FLEA

Gorgeous is wonderful that it will be used by Maggie. I wore my Mom's wedding gown too...a lot like your Mom's...beautiful satin.
Your Mom's wedding picture is gorgeous! I hope you have a wonderful wedding and wish Maggie, her husband and the entire family much joy!


I love this. How special.


I love wedding stories like this.
May the veil and dress have many many more twirls down the years.


This makes me cry! You lucky, lucky women!

Katsui Jewelry

That is so special, Charlotte. Your mother looks so beautiful in her wedding dress. She was beautiful then and she is beautiful now!

I didn't wear my mother's veil but I was given it when she died. Jud surprised me and framed it. It is, without a doubt, one of my favorite things. It is similar to your mom's...maybe around the same time. He framed it against slightly off-white satin.

Such a special thing to have this passed down like this!


Jeannie B.

What a family treasure you have in that lovely veil. I have enjoyed looking around your blog!

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