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Claudia Small

I'm just like you, Charlotte. The background sounds, the feeding of the chicklets, the little chirps going on, just the most beautiful sounds of my day. I keep it on in the background just to remind me of what's going on out there in nature. I tend to forget, sitting in my studio of going about my daily chores.

ellen kelley

Absolutely amazing and fascinating..thank you so much!
Now, how am I expected to get anything done around here?

Linda Jo

I've been watching, too! Didn't realize the female is larger! It's fascinating....


Thanks for sharing. Fascinating!


I have been watching all week (and my house shows it!). Be sure to read the info below about the nest size - amazing! I have also been following these cuties:
It is a touching story about an orphaned hummer. Have a beautiful week.

Becky Garrison

I have been watching them too. Between the eagles and the hummingbirds, I haven't gotten much done around here! But this is something you don't get to watch every day!


I've been following this since it first started. Isn't it amazing? It is all so fascinating. ~ Sarah

Julie Loeschke

There are certainly a lot of folks watching these fascinating birds. Our parish priest is even watching. He grew up on a farm a few miles south of the fish hatchery where the nest is located. :)


What amazing creatures! Mazol Tov to your family on your daughter's wedding. I think you need to write a book about diy weddings. You are going to be an certified expert when you are done!

 Jean C.

Living in Utah sometimes when we go towards the mountains out in the country there have been times we see around a dozen or so of them at a time. It's sooo amazing... they are soo graceful and beautiful. Easy to see why it was chosen as our Nations Bird!
I sure wouldn't want to make one mad that's for sure!

Cherie Wilson

So fun! Thanks for this live feed....a windy day today and they are sitting on those chicks pretty securely I see:) We have had a "teenage" Eagle living across the street in a tree line a year ago, but haven't seen him in a few months. They are breathtaking and huge. A sight to behold! We are thrilled to have a Falcon family (Our farmer neighbor raised and released years ago) and a pair of hoot owls that just bless us so! Oh and those darn wild turkeys that eat at our wooden barn door. bugs I suppose? Love the birds! And the very, very precious. And your Mama's words.
Blessings for the week ahead Dear Charlotte!


I did the FB thing with this, too, a couple of weeks ago! Isn't it amazing that the nest weighs a ton?!


Love it. We've been watching an eagle pair in white rock BC. Have it on the in the background in my classroom (I teach high school chem) and every now and then show the kids what is happening. Some of them have become addicted to keeping track of the nest.

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