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Geralyn Gray

What a great idea!!!! Enjoy!!!!


Hello Charlotte,

Wow! Love Woodstock and Grateful Dead...Have a blast!

~ Gabriela ~


Have a wonderful time. Grateful Dead - now that takes me back.

Cherie Wilson

From baby bibs to Woodstock! You are a load of fun Charlotte. Have a blast! I was going to hunt up your bib pdf after seeing a newborn friend today~ how perfect.Thankyou!


Wow Charlotte! backstage at the Fox Theater!? I went to my first show in 71- I was 2! My husband and I met at a show in the early 90's. Love knowing and sharing little Dead connections in unexpected places. Have a fantastic weekend with your music loving family!


i'm jealous!


Well this brings back lots of memories. I thought the balcony, where I was stuck while the "boys" were backstage, was going to fall onto the first floor, the place was rocking so much. Will definitely send this to Jim and Tony. Thanks for posting it and have a wonderful time!


music + family is a perfect mix.

oh, and i LOVE Wilco. one of my fave concert memories was seeing them for the first time in a very small venue. in between sets one of the roadies, grabbed a dormant mike and broke into a full length rendition of 'stairway to heaven'.

the evening got progressively more interesting from there...

have fun!

Troy Louise

Wishing you loads of fun. Keep on truckin! Hugs from the wife of a "dead head."

Nancy Wethington

What a fabulous memory . . . and now I'm singin' that song in my head (and lovin' it!)

connie freedman

my husband would fall in love with you! he is such a greatful dead fan!! what a great weekend, I could totally see our family doing the same thing! enjoy charlotte!!

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