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Barbara Moore

That is such a wonderful thing Charlotte! I'm very happy for you!

Hugs XX


and the Little Women cross stitch piece?
1933 - my own mom was a year old.
It is pretty wonderful.

Have a wonderful fall - all together!

Rosemary Arico

How nice for all of's wonderful to be close w/o being overbearing. Your terrific girls are a testament to the loving home you and Andy built and nurtured. God bless you all! Love, Rosemary


oh, that is so wonderful, i know how much you love your family char. and that little women piece is so sweet!


Having family close is great!!! more laundry but more love!!! ;) Tiff

Troy Louise

How nice will that be? Hoping some day I can be in the same time zone with my son! Missed the drawing for your book, but fortunately I have one already, and it's a favorite. Happy Week.


Crazy time but it'll pass all too quickly, so smile! xo to all and see soon.

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