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Cherie Wilson

So glad to see it is over and all is as well as it can be! What a topsy turvy week. Wishing you peace and lots of sunshine for next week Dear Charlotte!:)


That was my view - what time did you take this?
Amazing night from my perch but all ok - and water receding fast.


Hello Charlotte,

I am glad to hear that you and your family are all right...


Linda Jo

I'm so glad you did so well. Wouldn't it be great if we didn't have to take precautions!!


Happy to hear that all is well. And the ducks have come to visit and share their happiness with you. (Aren't ducks always "happy?")
xo, Cheryl


Happy to hear that all is well Charlotte!


I'm glad it all worked out for you.

Sarah west mids uk

We saw the news here and thought of everyone.
Hope life returns to normal as soon as possible.


That was nothing compared to 2 weddings I've been to in your town!!
Happy all is well.

Danee Kaplan

I too lived through Floyd. We lived in goldsboro NC and that darn storm went right through Goldsboro. There was much flooding in town and found it so odd that some areas were so affected and my house was fine (actually we learned later that the crawlspace had flooded but we had flood insurance). My mom was visiting and my husband flew F-15E's and they alleyways "Hurrivac'd" the jets. Yes, they left their family behind and flew west. Everytime we had a hurricane. My mom was a nut- freaking out- but I was calm and it all worked out. Dan Rather was reporting from a flooded business about a mile from my house.

I wish your town well as they repair all the damage.

Janey Jennings

Charlotte, so happy to hear you are all OK! Was thinking about you all day yesterday. And so happy my daughter and family moved back 3 years ago from New York!
Love You,


I was so glad to hear that the storm weakened. And now glad to hear that you are okay. I hope the flight plans work out.



Troy Louise

So happy that you are all okay. I thought about you over the weekend watching it all on CNN. So much water & so many hit by it. We sure can't control Mother Nature. Hugs.

connie freedman

good to hear charlotte...

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