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Debbie Ellerd

Your post reminded me of when I was in High School and I use to sew all my clothes I wore. I use to do the very same thing by making my own patterns. I would like the sleeves from one pattern and the body of the dress from another pattern or a collar or I would make my own. That was the days you could only wear dresses to school. Then I think my Senior year they okayed the pants.I so enjoyed sewing but some of my projects would last as long as yours did....thanks for the memories....


I am liking the fabric and am sure it too will make you look thin, walk tall and feel just as happy as the other one did!
linens lace and lattes


I love the comment of taking one day to get the courage to start. It's comforting to know others have the same issue! Five days but it was worth it... love that you took the challenge!

Leslie Hayes

I'm just impressed that you made up your own pattern! Now to have a skirt made from it - wow. Well, no picture of you wearing it, but I must say it looks fabulous on the hangar!


too cute!!! now that you have the pattern...


Hmmm...thought that fabric looked familiar! I love it too! Hope the skirt takes you on lots of fabulous France perhaps?!!! All the best, looks great and I understand and have done the same thing because I could not bear to part with some ancient garment I just had to replace! Happy Sewing, now you can make them in all different colors and patterns!


YOU are once again serving as inspiration to me. I have been thinking about pulling my sewing machine out for the past two weeks!! Maybe now I will actually do it - TOMORROW! And make a dress....

Never did call...just need the boost to get back to etsy. silly to let it all intimidate me so.

I will call - for moral support!
Thanks again for the inspiration!


Can you hear the applause?!! I just went and bought a french curve. The one I had 40 some years ago in Home Ec. has disappeared. I will follow your example and create from clothes I love. I would like to know where to get some of the pixie dust that makes you walk tall and thin! ;)

Monica Fullerton

I like it! I am not courageous enough to make clothes... I struggle with pillows!! Beautiful job



Magnificent! And what a wonderful product no matter the process! Betcha' make another one in the very near future!!! Young and Thin you say????? Heck, I want 7---- one to wear

Linda Jo

You are so brave!! I have a skirt I can no longer fit in... it's cotton and it's stuffed in a drawer waiting for me to fit in it again..... It's a little full ... so I can't imagine making it... You inspire me tho! I need to find a skirt like yours!

Troy Louise

Good for you! It's been a long time since I've tried to sew any clothing for myself. But when I do I'm afraid I don't have the courage to design my own pattern. It looks really comfy & I'm sure will make you feel great. Hugs.

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY

Great inspiration to get back to sewing something for myself for a change.

Nice to stumble here and look around. Your blog is a pleasure to browse.

Enjoy your day.

Cherie Wilson

So very, very adorable! I agree with Lisa's comment :now that you have the pattern..........:) Yay it is almost skirt weather!! XO


Well it's just lovely! I have some Anna Marie Horner fabric sitting here in my studio waiting to be made into a skirt from LAST summer...I'll get to it soon!


I know you know that I know exactly how you felt about making this. What happened to our fearless sewing of yore dear friend?


I love your gift for telling a story,
and your skirt is charming.
Thank you for sharing!


I know exactly what you mean. I felt your decision to commit, your ambition to create, the disappointment of the result. But wait, we're not done. Because we know how to take apart, re-create, and voila, it fits!! Congratulations!!

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