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karen on bainbridge island

I was reading the flickr sure seems like embroidery is making a big comeback. This is certainly true at my house.

Hope you and Millie have a grand time in St. Louis.


Have big FUN at Mary's!
gosh, I LOVE Heather's rendition of Cedar Ridge.
Isn't it incredible to see how each piece is so different through another person's eyes.....?

Safe travels//


Thanks for the shout out Charlotte. I love your version of the sampler too. I am super glad you made the Flickr group because its so fun to see each version. I am close to finishing up the Birdie Banner now and will have to take a little break to actually DO SOMETHING with all my finished samplers since I have quite a pile growing :)

sharon stanley

you do the most exciting things! it is bliss reading and seeing your fun. do enjoy your upcoming adventures.

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