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Now we can all sing you Happy Birthday Charlotte, assigning that important date to the little gray cell department.

Loved the tour of the hat factory, so much fun. I am ooohing and ahhhing at my screen over each photo.

What are the wooden blocks in the wooden box/tray? So intriguing.

thanks for letting us peer over your shoulder and be armchair travelers with you ... fun fun fun!


Charlotte.... As much as I adore the shops that create charming vignettes in every corner, delighting the eye as it flits from one spot to the next.... I treasure places where the thrill of the hunt takes over. Requiring you to really look for yourself, you overturn things high and low. And with a bit of good fortune, you spy that special something, pick it up, and clutch it closely to your heart. The smile that comes to your face is priceless!! Love to hear your adventures!!

karen on bainbridge island

The hat you selected suits you. Too bad there wasn't an eensy teensy straw hat for Millie. I think I'd have selected the one with the cherries for me. I can think of nothing more fun than rummaging through old millinery stuff...what a fun day.

Julie L

I love that hat on you; the brim is just perfection --I am a hat person--so, I am jealous :--))) Julierose

Cherie Wilson

Dearest Charlotte! Seeing your pictures I felt like we were there together! So much like our 3rd week there this year. Missed seeing you! I took the same "4" picture, like so many others. I have to say I love Laurent in the photo. And I put that adorable set of stamps at Guy's place in my box, but not to be had of course. I think he enjoyed me trying anyway! I do miss Charlotte's cooking and must say reality is a bit of a challenge. Thinking of you often! Merci for the sweet stitchery sentiments of Chateau Dumas! xoxox


Really? Sept 18th is my birthday, too!

Judy Elwood

What a great trip. I am enjoying every single post, the visuals and the narrative! Thank you so much for sharing. It is so much fun to discover hidden treasures in everyday life!


I am a Virgo too! 9/19! What a treasure trove of goodness! I'd love to see Mary do a book about Ann Estelle's trip to the hat maker! I know that feeling trespassing. Even though you are invited in, you know that the owner's heart is invested in each little bit. Your hat is fantastic! I would have tried to purchase the wooden stamps, too. Thanks for the tour!

Laura @ 52 FLEA

Oh my...oh my.
I have read about this adventure to the hat factory in previous years on Kaari's fascinating.
I'm green with envy and know that is shameful. Never the less...I am.
Your hat is perfect as it is. :)


bliss - I can see you in total BLISS!
dearest Charlotte.....


Troy Louise

Oh what fun that must have been. All those goodies & still just waiting for someone to do something with it all. I love your hat, it looks wonderful on you. Did you find out how to make Millie one? Hugs.


Wow!! Your no slouch in the storytelling department either!! What a GREAT story. Love that your adventure has sooo many key elements...mystery, a little intrigue, history, nostalgia, the thrill of the hunt. What a true treasure of a memory!

Lorrie  Schultz

Good morning, Your photos are so lovely. How exciting it must have been to rummage through an old hat factory. I love history of any kind and I am sure you learned so many interesting tidbits. Thank you for sharing your adventures. It's always so much fun to come and visit. *!*

molly meng

It never gets old...loved hearing your perspective, charlotte!

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