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Kathy Aho in MInnesota

Very nice! What a treat of a trip. Thank you for sharing. :D


How beautiful! I love the open market and the colors might even inspire me to take up painting! I spotted the silk thread in your hand. Hello Laurent! Every girl needs a loyal companion. I am sure you and Millie will have many adventures together. Thanks so much for sharing your day.


Isn't it AWESOME!?! Come back with me in Aug. We'll have a blast.

Miss Holly

Heaven..just heaven !!


I miss it already!!


Thank you for sharing scenes that I will not see first hand. What a treat!

karen on bainbridge island

This trip is sounding more and more like the only way to really see France. I can actually feel the energy as you describe each day, each outing, each activity. Divine.

Vicki K

Thank you for allowing us to travel with you! Can't wait to see what's next...


Still filling my head with visions of all. You're talents never end dear friend. Do you think they miss us?


Oh Charlotte! YOU LUCKY! Everything is just so wonderful, it's nearly dreamlike, so lovely. I am beyond pea green with envy.

Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us. Can't wait to see more, read more!



Great post.. I loved the market. The fresh produce and the colorful taste of village life. Thanks for sharing!

molly meng

fantastic shot of charlotte and jane, too! and yes, i love that charlotte is there every monday, and then, on her days off, she hangs out at that market with friends, having coffee. of course!

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