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Rebecca Ringquist

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cross stitch fabric, Charlotte. It's beautiful!


Your new fabric line is beautiful! The little snippets of what you have done with it are making my fingers itch to stitch. When it's released, I'd love to know where to purchase!

Julie Clark

I LOVE IT!!! Can't wait to get my hands on it! Julie

Monica Fullerton

I love it all... wow! Well done, Charlotte! it's fantastic


I love the combination of the traditional needlework and modern pattern of the fabric and also the blue and red colors together. It's so pretty!

Teah B.

It is gorgeous! You outdid yourself this time.please let us know where we can buy it at once it's released. Is that a new embroidery sampler I spied in the first picture? Congratulations! Hope market goes well. Happy autumn!


Yummy collection, love the bag. xox Corrine


It is all soooooo lovely! Congratulations! I too love that bag. Can't wait to see it all.

Mary Engelbreit

That bag is too cute!! All your fabric is great!




Love it all! Congratulations Charlotte!

Julie Loeschke

I really love this new collection,and hope I am able to find it online.There is no local retailer for it.I was kind of disappointed not to be able to find but a couple pieces of the last collection.

karen on bainbridge island

When I first saw the fabric you cross-stitched over, then used to make the tote bag pocket, I knew I loved it..and I kept puzzling about why it seemed familiar to me...and I just figured it out!

It's the same motif that I see on the first page of your book "Between Friends".

Best of luck at the quilt market...I'm sure you'll have great success. Will you be there personally?


good eye, Karen! yay! and yes, Ill be there 27-28 in the Blend booth and walking the show.

Cherie Wilson

Welcome to Tillie! She is adorable:) Enjoy the show dear Charlotte!


So beautiful!!

connie freedman

charlotte! what a brilliant idea!! loving your new tilly line, I'm just getting into needle work again, for those of us who get stumped this collection will get our creative juices going!

Jone Hallmark

You have found your true element.
I cannot tell you how much I love

I'll be at Market when you are - staying with Kathy Mack. I'm driving in from Austin on Saturday and will leave on Monday. I hope we can spend a couple of minutes together...xoxo

troy louise

Your new fabric is beautiful & so perfect. As a long time cross stitcher, I can't wait to find it. Hugs.


gorgeous char, just gorgeous!!


can.not.wait!love it!!!go, charlotte go!

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