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Julie Clark

Lori and Julie from Texas are coming to French General for the whole Art of Craft weekend. We just couldn't resist and can hardly wait!


Glad to hear you are okay. So much devastation.
Your stitching is beautiful - and the class will be great.

Barbara Johns

So glad to hear you are o.k. Think of you lots and so wish I could join you at French General!

Troy Louise

I'm so happy & relieved to know you are alright. The devastation is just heartbreaking. Someday, I hope to have enough time to get to one of those amazing get togethers with so many wonderfully talented people. Until then, I love reading about them. Hugs.


it's so sad. so so sad. sending big love & prayers to all and so happy you are safe & sound.


Thanks for checking in......glad you're ok! Hopefully, your power will be restored soon. How's your Mom? Xox

Janey Jennings

Charlotte, been thinking a lot about you, so glad you're ok.

karen on bainbridge island

It is so true how those close to the destruction can't see the enormity of it because of power outages...hard to watch TV without electricity. On the west coast, we've been bombarded with the images, and they are haunting to say the least.

We all know that eventually things will be normal, but that doesn't make the hear and now any easier for those directly impacted. Send money to the Red Cross everyone.

karen on bainbridge island

....oops! I mean to say "here and now".

Linda Jo

Glad you are okay. No power is hard....but just an inconvenience. So much destruction.... so heartbreaking. Here on the Gulf coast we have seen it so often.... hard to see others suffering. I hope your mom's place is okay. Glad you got home from quilt market before it hit.... and soooo glad they cancelled that marathon. Would not have been a good thing. IMHO

Brenda Walton

We have been thinking of you, dear Charlotte, and hope all is going as well as possible. Sending lots of love and good thoughts to you and your family. Congratulations on your new beautiful new fabric collections!!! xoxo

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