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We had a few flakes of snow here today..... after a lovely warm spring-feeling day earlier in the week. I love the daffodil cut outs. Such a simple idea. Wonder if my Mum would like one for Mother's Day (March 10th in this country!) ;)

Anna S

On this side of world we are hanging out for the autumn rains. Summer is always dry but we haven't seen a drop of rain since well before Christmas. These lovely pictures makes me long for cooler weather even more.

Bev in Austin

I love your paper cuttings - so pretty. They are a nice cheery image of spring.

I am curious about the monogram embroidery book beneath your thread in the last photo. Can you give info on it?



You have an amazing knack for making something beautiful out of the simplest things. Thank you for the inspiration...always


I'm trying so hard to be patient. I'm failing I'm afraid. It seems like winter has a firm grip on us this year but since we didn't get enough of it here last year I'm trying not to complain. I might be failing a bit at that as well.

I really need to order those dolls to stitch. Em and I were just talking about how we need something new to embroider. And also about how we dislike french knots. :)

Jone Hallmark

I am in Austin with Mom.... cleaning out and rearranging storage units (ugh) Your cut- papers made me SMILE! Thanks..... good reminder of what is to come.... sunshine and SPRING!

I read Jen's comment (above) about French knots... and it made me laugh out loud! I have so many friends who cannot stand them (!) tee hee.
I love them....and want to tell Jen to just do about 30 of them all at once and she might just tart liking them.

Love YOU, Charlotte.... xo

penny willoughby

Such a simple idea with big impact. We all have books & scissors. Thank you for sharing this crafty interlude, waiting for spring. Penny

karen on bainbridge island

Charlotte, I really like the new header on the blog. You are really making me long for spring...the spring where the sun actually shines and flowers pop up in the garden. Not the one where it rains every day.


Can you share your book titles or ISBNS? They look just lovely and I have been needing an alpha book for some time. :)


What is the book on the very bottom?


the book is now linked on my Good Reads sidebar!

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