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Jone Hallmark

Your posts always make me smile - the photos and your comments.
Thank you, Charlotte, for brightening my days....xo

Julie Clark

You really hit home with this post. We're about to spend Thanksgiving week as a family at Caddo Lake State Park-a beautiful Texas State Park. I look forward to the beauty, peace and stitchin' in the shade!!! I'm going to slow things down while there too!!


Just lovely.

karen on bainbridge island

This year I needlepointed initials on little coin purses for each my friends, near and far, stitched in their favorite color. I am finishing up the very last one, in periwinkle, for a December birthday. Then I will need to pick up a new project, probably something neglected that needs to be finished.

Aren't ginkgo leaves just wonderful? Our big leaf maples provided a riot of yellow here, but are just about done with their show. A few brilliant red leaves cling to the October Glory maple, planted two years ago in my mother's memory. She would have loved it!

Happy Thanksgiving

cindy baugh

I have to admit, I used to read you everyday, but am totally out of the loop for a while. The husband and I have spent the last two years renovating an old farmhouse and setting up housekeeping and chicken and bee keeping. Which is why I asking this question. Didn't you used to live in NYC? The pictures on your blog look like you are in a rural area now? Can I be THAT behind? LOL Loving all the samplers. Once I am settled on my farm, I want to take up stitching again and your stuff is very inspiring to me.


Fabulous post Charlotte. So inspiring!

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