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Blues are both inspiring and calming. Hoping you find calm in all of yours. Hmm, we can buy them??? X


Oh how beautiful! I love the theme of color, of blue, to share your thoughts. Blue is a fresh, new beginning. Love your work and can't wait to hustle over to check them out online. I can totally see blue and birds on fabric and paper in my future!

Geralyn Gray

I bought a lot of blue art supplies for the year and haven't been able to really delve into it yet. But, this post helped. Love the color combination of blue and white!


I can't decide which Spoonflower piece I couldn't live without! I do love all of them. I love that you're working towards creating everyday. No doubt you look for beauty in all things and ways. Glad you're letting it out! Julie


I am in LOVE with ALL your blue pieces - just my fav!! I've recently resurrected by love of Asian blue & white temple jars, vases and planters so your blue pieces are right up my alley.

Have fun!

Susan Krzywicki

Yum. I love complex, rich blues - towards teal...peacock...mineral.

You are fabulous.


Great post! Your bunny stamp is fabulous! Any chance you might offer them for sale?

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