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It is so good to see you post and a post so filled with such beautiful inspiration. I am with you about the love/hate situation with summer. I feel the same about winter. I guess it is the extremes I don't like. I'm in the desert, so I treasure the last days of flowers before the beige season. Have a beautiful rest of the week and thank you.


WOW What a rug it's going to be. Love it. See you soon!

Jeanette in Illinois

What a lovely heart is so happy for all the wonderful, inspiration and joys finding you this summer. May the warmth of the sun continue to fill your spirit with light and happiness, always!!
Your rug is fabulous! Can't wait to see it finished.
Squishy hugs and love!!!


Your 'Into the Wild' sampler is so lovely - beautiful Autumnal colours.

Vicki K

What a beautiful post - and I loved the interview. You are so good at being lovely you.


Such beautiful inspiring work! And that interview! I adore you...❤️


Hit & miss rugs are a favorite of mine - I love that the birds are all a bit different - it's gonna be a great rug - glad you pulled it out to finish.


What a great post Charlotte. Congratulations on the wonderful recognition the video gives you too. All the inspiration and joy you bring to others should be celebrated.

karen on bainbridge island

nice to hear from you. sounds like you are enjoying your life changes.

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