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Oh is it so wonderful! Your selection of colors is perfect. Love Brenda's bird charm, too. I tend to do the same thing you do: lay it out and walk away and come back later. Totally hear you on that one! And on the perfection for the big girls complex. Makes it so much harder! But, it looks great and do show us more! Mix your felt way with your new paper ways....see what happens!


Thank you so much for visiting my blog; I really appreciate your comments. Mothers & Daughters at Home and Between Friends are my most valued craft books ~ besides having made many of the craft projects, I love to just sit and read the stories you've included about yourself and other crafters.
Thanks for all the how-to's on the tag book; the zigzag stitching is a great idea. I would love to make one for each of my kids~yours turned out fabulous!

Mrs. Staggs

This has been your best post yet Charlotte! My favorite kind of post is one that includes part of a person's personal story as well as craft. I loved seeing and hearing about the pink house.
This book is wonderful and I enjoy hearing about the process and seeing the details close up. Can't wait to see more.
I always have lots of projects laying around while I just "look" at them. It's probably why I'm so slow to finish things.
I called my Grandmother who was one of my favorite people Momo. :>)

Beth Whitlow

I hope you will continue! I'm listening and am thrilled with your ideas and instructions. I've been following your work for years through ME Home Companion, and your two wonderful books! I'm a mom in a New Orleans suburb who loves to craft and am inspired by your beautiful things! Thanks! Beth W.


You should continue! This is wonderful.
I never saw that pink house when I visited Oak Park :-) Was it still pink then in 1997?


This is absolutely gorgeous!




Charlotte, this is wonderful. Thank you for sharing. I am finding it very inspiring. Clarice


Oh my! Here it is again! Sounds exactly like the right project for me too~ I've saved everything and use what I have rather than new in most of my art. I love to do that. I'm going to get started on a book for my daughter tomorrow. Thank you again for sharing this experience. I know this will be a moving experience for me to make this book for my daughter. (I left more about that in a previous comment). sorry so long...Lia


this is beautiful and I for one would love to see more. of course, if you go back to felt that would be lovely too...I adore the little felt heart in the first picture!

Daisy Cottage

Charlotte, your creations, and by that I mean ALL of them, are simply outstanding. You are unbelievably gifted! I love this post AND these pages that you created. Your pink house sounds so charming.. like a wonderful fairy tale - do you have more pictures of it that you'd like to share? Yes, I'm greedy! LOL


Don't stop....what a lovely little book! I want to see more!


This is an absolutely beautiful book of memories.
Wonderfull stuff Charlotte.


Such a sweet book. I love the bird charm plaque and the story behind your daughters name!


Oh my! I feel like I've just found a long lost friend! I love your work and have been watching for you since my first ME magazine (of course, I have every single issue!). I just bought your "...friends" book and have already done several projects. Thank you for sharing on this blog. Now, on to your Mo tagbook...


Thank you for sharing this. It is absolutely gorgeous. I love the pink house!

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