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Thanks so much for the mention Charlotte. I spotted your tea cosies over at Cherry's shop a little earlier. They really are cute! I love them. I especially love the fact that the decoration can be taken off and used as a pin. What a clever idea. I'm really sure you're going to do very well with them.

Karin (creativechaos)

So very.....cute! Sometimes that's just the word you have to use. I wanted to let you know I got my pin & just love it. Thanks


ah....much more lovliness from you...these are gorgeous!!


These are wonderful! Such fun!


Lovely cosies and such an orginal idea with detachable pins, perfect for "ladies who lunch" - good luck with your English sales.


I too use the word "cute" a lot but I've thought about it and it really is a good adjective..simple and to the point.


I just saw your cusy cozies over at Cherry's store. They are great.

I've just made myself a pot of tea, using a patchwork cozie our mutual friend made me a few years ago.


These tea cosies are very *cute*! I love your collection for Seasons too.... I will definitely be picking up the set of animal ornaments! They are really *cute* too!

And, thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope you'll visit again! :)


You are funny (and cute.) And I mean that in the nicest possible way. I've felt the same way sometimes about the word but I'm finding that I do really think it's a compliment. Cherry is just wonderful and I'm so happy to see you're working with her. I'm on Bayberry's mailing list and just looove all your new products! I'm so glad you have a blog!

jenny holiday

oooh the tea cozies!! Really Really "C"!! Love them to bits!!

And oh boy oh boy...The Sweet Mountain Holiday Collection is just perfect!! Bound to knock socks off left and right!!

Congrats again!!

xoxo Jenny


Now I 'need' a tea cosy. Pity I use a tea bag in a mug, and not a teapot. I don't think hubby would go for - honey I need a teapot for my new tea cosy!

Daisy Cottage

EVERYTHING you create is a charmer ~ precious, Charlotte!


SO adorable-I saw them on Cherry's blog and came to visit! Just precious!


you know I have been that way about "cute" as well - maybe its getting older - but I relish cute now - and those certainly are - do come visit - xox - eb.


Sweetness! Just lovely!

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