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Charlotte Lyons is an author, teacher, and artist based in southwestern Vermont. House Wren Studio is her creative home and a resource for makers and crafters around the world.

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Well Charlotte, I can not speak for others but I love seeing anything you do. Really I know that is probably not helpful but I find it all interesting. Clarice


Hi Charlotte. I personally like all your creative entries, the Jake doggie, Dedes Ella, the flower brooches, the journal, and the list goes on. Everyone is entitled to a day off. If you're not 'feelin' it' then don't fret. I actually liked the snow entry the other day and your sharing the Three Amigos weekend.

No one expects you to titilate us with your creativity every single day....we come here because we like YOU, we really do.

Big Hugs!


i just love, love all the drawings...i'm feeling embroidery...or break out the colored pencils.


Be yourself. That's inspiration enough. Make, do and share the things that inspire YOU Charlotte. When you feel excitement for the things that you do, then we will too.


Your blog is great to read even when you dont make anything. I love every time i visit, and thank you for visiting my blog! Renee

Daisy Cottage

Well for someone who didn't "make anything" today, you sure helped to make my day with this inspirational journal! I loved seeing your sketches.. you could post a big old "X" and I'd be happy that I stopped by because I know that I am knocking on a friend's door and it is nice just to see that you are home.


I think the "inspiration journal" is probably inspirational enough for me at the moment. I have this great pile of magazines that I really, really need to do something like this with. It's hellish cold here in England today so maybe I'll just sit by the fire and start snipping.


I know how you feel. The last couple of weeks I've not been making much and have felt a real struggle wondering what to post. Your posts are always lovely. You may not have made anything lately, but those journals look gorgeous. Very inspiring. You've inspired me today to decorate the inspiration sketch books I bought last week which are sitting plain on my kitchen table.

Debbie Jones

You are an inspiration every day even when you are not feeling it. I love everything you do, but my absolute favorite are your felted projects. Valentine's Day is coming. Debbie


Those are the days where your creative brain cells are rejuvenating. That's why the body feels tired. :) Having one of those days today with two sick kids. No matter that you haven't anything new to show. The journal drawings are beautiful and very inspiring.


I love everything you make, but how about sharing photos of your home sometimes? Seems like once i saw a glimpse of your work room somewhere and it looked wonderful :) Rosemary (retro-rosie)

amanda bel

Just go with the flow. (Even if "the flow" drifts you over to the couch!) I wasn't very productive today, either. Sigh...

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