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claudine hellmuth

hey sweetie! I like to take naps too but mine at more like two hours, wish I could manage to wake up after 20 min!

Renee Plains

Hi Charlotte,
I enjoyed reading your six weird things and just posted mine after your tag . . . really sort of fun to share what makes us each unique!
all the best, Renée


how fun to get to know you better. the wrapping paper thing cracked me up !!
Thank you Clarice


hee-hee, thanks for playing along! Rosemary aka retro-rosie


Oh my gosh....the wrapping paper thing. I LOVE wrapping paper. Hate wrapping gifts for the same reason you do. On the rare occasion I do wrap a gift (instead of gift bagging) I will sometimes ask my good friends for the wrapping paper back so I can keep it instead of them throwing it out. I'm weird. I know.

My feet, too, have not seen a size 9 since my two pregnancies.

teresa mcfayden

I could take a 20 minute nap 3 times a day and I could totally do without telephones too!! :)


I seriously didn't think there was another soul on earth that hates talking on the phone as much as I do. I might actually hate cell phones more than land phones if thats possible.
We recently had phone trouble here at the house and it took us a day to notice and we didn't even bother reporting for 4 days-and it didn't get fixed for 6-it was heaven!

Daisy Cottage

Love these little tidbits about you Charlotte. I've been tagged too and I guess I'll have to cough up some weird things about myself tomorrow.. gee, only 6??? Shouldn't be too hard for me to do! ;-)

jenny holiday

Ohh I loved your list! My favorite being your fainting in the face of "trouble"! Really really funny!!

Loving your blog to bits!! So so happy to have you here!!



Mom, your odd!


laughed at your "fainting" story...too funny. Thanks for tagging was fun!


I found this from one of the taggees(?) while blog surfing. Just wanted to let you know that you are not the last person to do a blog. I am! Or at least I feel the same as you. Great list!

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