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I agree, you are either a speller or you're not. I am. Like you, I scan articles, menus, etc., for mistakes...... they are especially startling in newspapers, particularly in the headlines. And I'm obsessed with not making errors in my own typing too. One of the worst things for me is to send something and THEN find an error within. YIKES! (I say, as I scan over this comment to make sure it doesn't have any! ;)


Akk first do not ever come to my blog again please !! :- ) I am a non-speller. As a matter of fact I hate spelling. I do not see why I can not just spell the way it makes sense to me. But as a dyslexic I guess that would not be a good idea.
Clarice-who has to cut and paste all her posts into spell check


Sounds like a fun night! Have a great time and let us know how it went.
Good luck Bee-Gonias!


brake a legg, Sharlot.
Love ya, D


(Nervously typing for fear of errors here) I can totally appreciate this post. I am a speller. I remember once leaving a post up on my blog for days before my mom pointed out a huge spelling gaff. I was slightly mortified. Only more mortifying was the time I got kicked out of a fifth-grade spelling bee in the first round for misspelling "massage" (I chose m-a-s-s-a-c-h-e.) Can you believe that?!

Good luck twonite!!!

teena flanner

My mother at 91, was still "red lining" my letters to her. Her nemesis was my tommorrow and my bannana. I totally get sidetracked from the important issues by one single word mispelled, a little like Monk. Get a life, Teena! My entire family is like this, genetic.
Teena Flanner


I hardly dare leave a comment for fear of being spellchecked! Only joking but I do fall into the non - speller category.

Melissa Lobdell

OH-what fabulous fun your Spelling Bee sounds like! I fall into the "speller" category but am always grateful for the spellcheck and the dictionary to back me up! xo-Melfie


I come from a family of spellers--especially my mother. She was big on telling us to "sound it out" or "look it up in the dictionary" when we were little. In fact, she made us all pretty vicious about grammar in general. I just received an email today with a particularly glaring error of the plural/possessive variety--but held back on any "red lining." I do admit that I once emailed a company in Japan because their ad said "well erase" when it should have said "will erase." And they even thanked me for the correction.(Oops, sentence fragment-- please forgive me...)

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