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Have a nice trip...your mum sounds like a real gem...Nel


Your Mom sounds absolutely delightful!! We should all be so lucky as to live like she does! :P Sounds like you will have a lively time, and I do hope your Mom isn't feeling TOO poorly and is back to her refreshingly fiesty self soon! :P


Enjoy your time with your Mother.


Enjoy your visit with your mom, and I hope she feels better soon! I am blessed to live about a half-hour from my mom, who is spunky & energetic too, at 72! :)
That's a cute card too; I think she is sending the lovely flowers TO someone!

Linda Sonia

Have a wonderful visit with your Mom.

So often when I read your posts, I feel like it's me talking. it's a strange feeling.


teresa mcfayden

Oh wow! Hope you brought your warmest of warm sweaters for your trip! Moms are pretty complex creatures aren't they. You never fully appreciate all that they were or are until you are grown up. Then the repair work begins. Give her lots of hugs. Everyone needs hugs.

Daisy Cottage

I haven't met your Mom but feel like I have from your wonderful description and I know that I'd absolutely love her! I hope she feels better soon. Enjoy your time with her Charlotte.
P.S. Love the picture!

Teresa Sheeley

Your mom sounds divine! I hope she feels better soon.

Mrs. Staggs

Your mom sounds like she'd fit right in with my family! My mom and step-mom were lively ladies who enjoyed a good party, cigarettes and dancing 'til all hours.
I sure hope that she's feeling better and that you've enjoyed a good visit.


I hope your time with your Mom is good. Mine is 81 and still has her weekly mah jong and bridge games. I would like to live in that tower apartment - sounds like a great place!

claudine hellmuth

hey sweetie! well wishes to your mom!


Hope your Mum feels lots better soon. Enjoy your weekend together.

julie (jane's apron)

I hope your Mom is feeling better. I know it is very cold here in St. Louis but hope you enjoyed the beautiful sunshine we had this weekend. Love the sweet postcard...

jenny holiday

Oh you really had me smiling with this post! Your mom sounds like a total riot!

Hope you had a great time!!
stay warm!!

xoxo Jenny

jenny holiday best wishes to mom! hope all is well!

xoxo Jenny

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