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What a great memory! The gals in my clan have always loved Anne of Green Gables too and that kind of trip sounds delightful, what a beatufil gift! Thanks for sharing.


PEI is a very special place to me. I was there in Sept a few years ago, and the amber waves of grain were delicious against the icey blue ocean. My father's relatives came over from Guernsey in 1806 and landed on PEI. How wonderful to stand on that very place and to see that it is named after our family! I'd love to go back again, especially in September.


Aaaa! I am the biggest Anne of Green Gables fan!!! When I used to go on air for a pbs station, they specifically put me on during the Anne series they aired bc I loved it so much.

But I've never been so lucky to get to go to Prince Edward Island. Lucky you!

I "heart" the stones. What treasures...


Oh, are you as well beaten by the heart feaver that is going around in blogging land these days? I guess you are!
Those stone hearts are very nice!


Heart shaped rocks such a nice thing to collect, ours is rocks with holes in them - not quite as seasonal as your beautiful collection.


Ohh the utter utter jealousy! It is my dream to go there.


Oh what a wonderful sounding week. I used to love Anne of Green Gables when I was younger. Haven't thought about it for a long time. The collection of stones is very beautiful.


I am also a collector of heartshape stones :-) And plan to show a few on Valentine's Day.


Charlotte alas, we are kindred spirits! I collect heart shaped rocks too. I've been lucky enough to go to PEI four times. My husband's family lives in Nova Scotia and we always sneak away for a few days. It's so beautiful. What a wonderful memory for you.

Angie Grimm


What a lovely post and what wonderful daughters you have.
I don't want my babies to grow up but will cherish the thought of days to come such as you have described.
Have a great weekend!


Beautiful, touching post. I absolutely love it!


It makes me remember a ex teacher of mine, a very wise lady, a num. She travelled all over the world and every city she went she kept a little rock. In her studio, in a Catholic school, she had on a table all the collected rocks. And she labeled them with the names of the places.
Very nice!
I missed your blog. I like it very much! Those tea cups cozies are pretty! Very inspiring!

kerry : k8tykat


Mrs. Staggs

Such a lovely post this is Charlotte! I've always wanted a trip to Prince Edward Island...maybe someday!
Your girls are lovely and so thoughtful.
Love the photo of the rocks of the February page.

Daisy Cottage

Charlotte, yes you are so blessed to have your wonderful, sweet family AND they are so blessed to have YOU. You are a great mom ~ showing them the "hearts" in stones, surrounding them with so much creativity, encouraging them to uncover their own ~ I'm so glad you had such a sweet time ~ and worry not, your nest will NEVER be empty ~ your baby birds will always fly home to be with you.


I just wanted to say that I LOVE the last photo of the text and the heartshaped stones. lovely!

teresa mcfayden

Your heart rocks remind me of Sara Lugg. Love those! What treasures in that you found them with your family!!


What a wonderful gift from a very thoughtful family...looks like you had fun and made some wonderful memories. Nel

Char DeRouin

What a lovely post to share, and what wonderful memories for you all. I too, love Anne of Green Gables and everything Avonlea! Going to PEI would be a dream come true. . .hummm. . .time to get the dvd's out soon.


What a wonderful gift. I am from Nova Scotia and we often "sneak" over to the Island when we are home for a day or two in a Bed & Breakfast. We always go in September too....we have the loveliest of Autumns in the Maritimes...something I miss dearly.


This post brought such great memories of when I was a nanny. The kids collected heart-shaped rocks for their mom and when the little girl turned eight she had an Anne of Green Gables birthday. They decorated hats, had a tea party and rode around the park in a carriage...

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