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Lisa Wakely

Wow! That is awesome. It brought tears
to my eyes. You have every reason to be a very proud parent.


Wow, that was beautiful writing, you have every reason to be proud. She sounds great!


Brought tears to my eyes too! That's so fantastic. You have every reason to be very proud parents.


Wow! Having a girl of my own, this post really hit me. I tell her all the time that she can be anything. It's so nice to know that this really is true.


Mo is a hero and I love how proud you are of her. We owe a lot to these young adults and their passion for helping others.
My future son-in-law is also a firefighter/paramedic and I have had the pleasure of meeting some of his 'brothers'. They are cut from the same cloth, all brave and true. They make me proud.
Your Mo makes me proud too.

Linda Sonia

Agree with the others - what a great story, what a wonderful young woman your daughter is growing up to be and how wonderful to feel the pride you have in her. Well done! :-)


Oh my, your story about your daughter is so touching that I actually have tears in my eyes. You have much of which to be proud with this special daughter of yours.


Way to go Mo! What a great Princess yo are.
Charlotte, I understand why you are such a proud Mum :-)


The boundless imagination of a child, playing and pretending to be a force in the world. Isn't it exciting that a girl can be anything she wants to be? Test herself at such a young age and cut her own unexpected path. Scramble all the rules and then rewrite them to fit.....I mean, sorry, Paris Hilton, but that's hot!

-- So well written. What a beautiful tribute to your daughter!
Thank you,


Africankelli sent me over here. My husband is a firefighter so she thought I might like this.

I just love that picture of your daughter! I've got one of my husband right after a fire that I adored and I put it in this:

I am constantly amazed by the fact that people do that job as volunteers. I tell you, they are very special people!


That was so well written, MY motherly pride welled up, I love stories like that, hearing the passion and dedication that a young pirate keeps inside her to bring out when it is most important. Then throw in the photo and I was a goner!!!!


I have a little pirate myself-only 7 years old and I wonder what he will be. He says an astonaut-and a policeman. I know that you are so proud, and rightfully so.


A beautiful post about a beautiful young woman. You have every right to be proud.

Nancy Rosner

I haven't visited this blog in a while ,but something in the universe drew me here today to see this beautiful picture of Mo fighting the fire at OUR house about one year ago. She was our personal hero that day along with the rest of the Irvington fire department and those of the neighboring towns. They saved our house, our dream house. Charlotte and Andy were also our heroes- Keeping myself ,our three children ,their two friends ,and our puppy warm while we very nervously waited to see if we would have a home to go back to. Charlotte was a great comfort to us all that day. She and Andy did everything in their power to help us through the very difficult days to follow and didn't leave our sides until they were sure we'd be OK. So it's no surprise to us that Mo is a hero because she comes from heroes! We are, very happily, back in our rebuilt home and we carry the lessons from the Lyons family of how to be really good neighbors and great friends.
Thanks again to you three one year later!!! We miss you Mo.


Charlotte, what a blessed mama you are and how lucky we are to have such an amazing person to serve her community. Clarice

The Decorated House

Wow! Learning about your daughter was amazing, and then seeing the note from Nancy Rosner about it being her house, just melted my heart!

Rebecca S

Oh my goodness, what a girl! I am now oh so very proud of her and I'm not even her mom. Blessings to you and family!


You got me right in the only little teeny tiny soft spot in my heart. Each of your girls is so unique, so individual. I love all you guys.
xox Dede


What a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing that.



How proud you are and how wonderful that your daughter is following her dreams. Such a wonderful story. I took have children her age who are incredible human beings and I look forward to seeing all their dreams come to fruition!


What an inspiring story and what a beautiful, young woman.


isn't is funny how when they are young you want them to never grow up but when they do it's so nice to have strong young people to help the world?and then they're your friend also. a beautiful post and a beautiful girl-inside and out.


That's what I call a real woman. Paris who?'re girl is a real star.

teresa mcfayden

WOW! One word: WOW!
I'm really blown away at her talents and determination. How inspiring is that??! Go Mo!

Daisy Cottage

What a beautiful,courageous,inspiring young woman your daughter is Charlotte. You've done good.


You're a beautiful writer. And your daughter seems like an amazing human being. I'm sure you are extrememly proud.

Angie Grimm

What a wonderful daughter you have Charlotte - and beautiful too.
She reminds me of my little S. - although only 4 she has enough spunk and love of life and determination to make all of her dreams realities. I just hope she doesn't age me 100 years before she gets there :-)


Charlotte, wow! What an amazing daughter you have!! Something about this post reminds me of my younger sister, who she was and who I imagined she'd become.

You must be an incredible mother to have such daughters. I bet they admire you as much as you clearly do them.

Heather H.

WoW! I jsut stumbled across your blog and read this. I am a mom of 4 little girls. I love this post about your daughter. Amazing and inspiring. I can't wait to tell my girls and reinforce the idea that they really can do ANYTHING that they set their minds to. Thank you for sharing this.


What an awesome story and woman/child! I know you are proud and should be!
Thanks for sharing.
Come visit me!


What a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing, your daughter truly is an inspiration!


This made me cry. My son is in fire academy and a part-timer on department. Following in his grandpa's footsteps. My daddy is so proud as am I. :) I can imagine how you feel...


what a wonderful post. i am going to read it to my 5 yr old daughter. "a girl can be anything she wants to be"!


Oh, no! I'm getting choked up. I can't wait to show this to my daughter. She's 6 in a couple of weeks. She's very firm that she wants to be a firefighter. And a farmer! I think she could actually pull it off :D

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