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Oh Charlotte I do feel for you, I drive endlessly, anywhere, but if the slightest thing goes wrong with the car even after it has been repaired I'm convinced that it will break down. So I know exactly how brave you were to go thrifting and for that to happen. Well it's enough to stop a girl from setting foot out of doors for, well, all of the weekend. Hope your having a good weekend!

teresa mcfayden

Oh you poor thing....that is just yuccy to hear about. I would have been a basket case (a fellow no-like-to-driver) and called my hubby in tears. I've done that on many occasions. :( Glad to hear you are safe and sound and back home in your nest!


Time for that little Subaru we talked about(tee-hee)!
Girl, if you're not careful, someone might send you a bunch of stuff from her basement.
xox D


You poor thing! What started out as a big adventure turned into a huge mess. You must've been freezing sitting out there.
Well at least you found a few treasures, imagine how much more upset if it were all in vain. LOL
After reading Dedes post I bet you'll be getting a package of thrift goodies shortly. You can just stay in the house now til the church bazaar.


I too am a homebody but I also love to get out and about and explore new places...I would hate it if my car was unreliable, I think I would feel trapped! I am glad you at least found some goodies that you liked and you can sit back and relax and wait for the church bazaar. Sounds much more appealing! Nel


That's a terrible thing to have happen but my goodness, you did find a lot of goodies. I would be in heaven to find a 3-story thrift store! I hate to drive anywhere but for that I would venture out! I'm glad you made it back home safe and sound and now you have all those funs things to play with.

amanda bel

What an awful story, I'm so glad you made it out alive! What we will go through for the love of thrift....sigh


Ii am laughing, but really only with empathy. I do the same thing: spend time buying stuff that I already have in some variant at home.

I am ok on short hops, but I crash on big trips> Myhusband says that when I go away by myself he's always afraid he'll never see me again.

But like childbirth, I forget the falls and boo-boos, and only remember the good times.

And it's all great blog fodder!


Oh, I empathize! I was exactly halfway to my sister's once (a 6 hour drive) when I stopped for gas on the PA turnpike, jumped back into the car, turned the key...nothing. Dead. Worse than that, it was too late in the day to have it looked at so I had to rent a car to continue the trip.
At least you had the consolation of a pile of treasures!

Daisy Cottage

Oh no! I wish we lived in the same town, then I could pick you up in Ethel and we could thrift together ~ she hasn't left me stranded.. YET! ;-)
Glad you got some new goodies though!!

The Decorated House

What a story! I always wonder when it happens to me.... now what was I supposed to learn from all that?? Mostly I just click my heels and smile, there's no place like Home, there's not place like Home. But you already knew that, too.
Love that picture of with the fireplace.


Hugs! I understand about staying home. I am sure many do. So glad that you got a new car.

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