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Charlotte Lyons is an author, teacher, and artist based in southwestern Vermont. House Wren Studio is her creative home and a resource for makers and crafters around the world.

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Love the new banner, very you! Although the old one was awfully cute as well. Oh and I just noticed the picture of you at the side-how fun!
Have fun with the girls this evening. Hubby and I are headed out for dinner someplace nice, we have some celebrating to do.


I have banner envy, too! Yours looks great! I keep thinking I'll jump in and figure out how to make one but so far I haven't. But Blogger may not be as friendly as typepad. Hopefully one of these days I'll get my courage up and get creative on my blog.


Well done Charlotte it looks fab! Really must do something with mine when I pluck up the courage and get a bit of extra time.


Love your new banner. Could NOT love anything you do... :-) but I must admit I loved seeing that happy little felty flower you had in the 'About' area everytime I clicked on your blog, but I do understand that blog banner layout change is inevitable to the creative ones.


Perfect banner! It's better to wait for just the right inspiration obviously! Now off to look at all your bunnies.


I just love the new banner. It's a perfect way to welcome spring.

Cherry Menlove

I think your banner looks beautiful and your baby pic is adorable.

Cherry xx


oh i love your banner!! And all the new colors! :)

Sadie Olive

I love your banner. It's so funny, I had the excact same thought yesterday about how I needed a great banner for my blog. I made one and posted it yesterday. Glad I found your blog.. I like your style and taste in music. :)



I think the new banner is fabulous, good job! Know what you mean about Typepad-fear-of-change stuff; unfortunately I learn best by my mistakes and it's double unfortunate that others have to endure it too!

claudine hellmuth

ohhhh! looks fab!!

Diane Duda

The banner is lovely! I've had my blog for a year and have yet to customize my banner. You've inspired me to at least start thinking about it. :)

julie (jane's apron)

everything looks great...I especially love the sweet little picture of you!


Your banner is so pretty. I love each piece of it.

suzi finer

I'm very warmed by the way it looks...and I have to say, I am totally for changing up the look every so often...keeps things fresh! I'm even going to change my banner again shortly (it's been up like a couple of weeks!)...ready for new.


How did I miss this post? Love, love the birds!

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