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A very happy Birthday to Maggie! Hope she has a lovely day.


I do not know you Charlotte but I am wondering if Maggie sounds a bit like you :-)
Happy birthday Maggie. Enjoy the moment. Clarice

daughter maggie

Thanks, Ma! Such a flattering post :) Believe it or not, daughters do get nostalgic for those days too! I love the picture with me walking with you and Dad. You can see your hand, which I know so well - reaching out to guide me through those wobbly steps. It's still there..even today!

(Are you crying now??) Love you, Ma!


Happy Birthday, Maggie! If I wasn't already tearful at your sweet mama's post, your comment made full-on cry! How blessed you are to have each other. Enjoy your day!


Happy birthday Maggie! And congratulations Charlotte, I am sure you were a loving, kind and inspiring Mom! Thanks for starting my day off with tears, happy tears that all Moms share. Your thoughts on this birth day of your daughters so completely mirror mine.

How DID we get from those baby days to now?? I wish we could have streeetttcccchhheeedddd it out a bit more, it seemed to fly by, didn't it?
love to you from one Mom to another, Lidy


Happy Birthday, Maggie!
Today is my sweet mom's birthday to, though she is *just a bit* older than you! ;)
Have a great day!


Happy Birthday to Maggie!!

My daughter's 40th birthday was Tuesday(24th). It's very hard to believe, the time has flown by so fast!!

I love the photos and this post!!

Back Porch Musings

Southern Heart

Happy Birthday, beautiful Maggie...and to your dear Mother, also (birthdays are for both children and parents. :)

You both really touched my heart today. My own son came into the world about a month after you, so this post brought tears to my eyes, also.

Love to you both!


Not only is your daughter beautiful, but I *love* your description of her:"I love everything.....I love every day, every minute that I get to be in this world, every one of you, every adventure.....the whole thing. It's so much fun! Let's play all night!"...if we were all like that!!!

The Decorated House

Happy Birthday Maggie!
Although your sweet mom might have embarrassed you a tiny bit, one day you will understand what that mommy stuff is all about.

My little girl is 20 something, too. And at times it makes me tear up a bit at how very fast it went by. But I giggle as she goes to work in heels and I have on flip flops to work at home.

Congrats on raising such a sweet young woman!


Happy Birthday to your beautiful Maggie. Shw looks so much like you by the way.


Another positive reason for photographs!! Happy Birthday to your Sweety.


I'm late, for a very imprortant date!
Best birthday wishes to Maggie!
I do this same thing every year around my son's birthday. Relive each sweet year and wonder at how quickly its all gone by.

Betty Jo

Happy Birthday to your dear daughter. What a sweet comment she left for you; I cried too. xoxo

Daisy Cottage

Happy Birthday Maggie! What a wonderful post - I always love hearing about your girls, Charlotte. You are all just beautiful.


I know just how you feel. I made a post when my middle son turned 21 recently and it does hit home suddenly when you put those pictures together~they remain in your heart as the babies even as time flies. If you are interested in seeing my take on it, I'm at . Blessings from another mom, Stephanie

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