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Daisy Cottage

*crossing fingers that I can comment now*
Okay Miss Charlotte! You are killing me here! Can I make it in time for the sale if I leave my house now? I'm SO happy that you allowed yourself to take home those great goodies too! ;-)


Charlotte, I've been reading your blog for a bit now. I have most the books you've got listed on the left and it took me some visits to realize who you were. I feel so fortunate to have found your blog, you bring joy to my busy 'regular job' days. This recent post has reminded how we are all so alike. A Church thrift sale/yard sale there is nothing better! Thank you for all the enjoyment you have brought me with your daily writings!


Oops, the fox is in the hen house.


Are the crossed-out items the things you bought yourself? heehee Can't blame you a bit, I'd have done the same if I was put in charge of my favorite things!


Had such a chuckle over Rachel's comment because I did title the post "the fox in the henhouse" but then chickened out (pun intended)and changed it....but yes, that's me. I did leave half the Workbaskets and half the patterns. Bought all the trim, buttons and seam bindings....and some fabric..some.

Sue about wonderful goodies! Grace would have loved it! She is our resident seamstress. Really learning quickly and loved her lessons. She made her Daddy a sweet little notebook...felt cover with ribbon trim and a fish embellishment. The kid is really good! I just got her 3 new books. One on making fabric animals, one on embroidery, which she wanted to learn and another on sewing projects.

I love the ohotos youhave included with this post. Gorgeous vignettes and color are everywhere! Beautiful!

Have a sweet weekend!



Oh, I also wanted to add that the children's companion book has become Grace's new best friend. I have all the books and she loves to look through them. She wants to re do her room soon and gosh. I think she has that whole book memorized by now. Still has yet to settle on one scheme!
Thanks for your work with so many wonderful books. They are well loved parts of my life!

lauren Mumford

I wonder if more things will be crossed off that list by tomorrow, hmmmmm?????


Your crossed out words are so funny. I would be very, very bad at this sale. Which is why I'm so mad I didn't read any blogs this week! I coulda made it there on my lunch hour. Have fun!

julie (jane's apron)

love your cross-outs...made me laugh...I'd be doing the same thing.


It's a good thing I am not there with you or the room might turn out empty! Have fun!!!


O.K. Girlfriend,
If we don't see some great craft/art soon made from all of those cross-outs and then some, I'm coming after you!!!
Love ya,

Cherry Menlove

Hee hee! You are naughty and yet oh so good all at the same time!!!
Hee hee!

Cherry xx


LOL! You've started my day off with a smile!
Have fun!


LOL Love it! Glad the weight is worth carrying... LOL

Kimberly Kwan

beautiful, wonderful treasures and a delightful post!

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