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It sounds like you have a wonderful insight into your mothers life and what she needed and wanted to do for herself. What a truly priceless gift is seems she has given you. The purse is a very precious piece. I love that you have it on display and that you use it for "everyday".


The purse is amazing and such memories it holds, precious indeed.

Daisy Cottage

Oh wow... what an INCREDIBLE token to your mother and to your childhood... Charlotte that purse is priceless! Oh how special and precious THAT is. And as usual, your gift with words touched my heart so very much. Thank you for sharing with us.

sheree schattenmann

Such a lovely post. That purse is amazing and so great to hear the story that goes along with it.


Diane Duda

I love so many thing about this post.
1)My son sings. He's in a band, but when he performs acoustically he does a lot of Jack Johnson. I love to here Aaron sing the words of Jack Johnson!
2)Joan Walsh Anglund! Also a favorite! Reminds me of my childhood. I have a small book of hers that my friend, Laura, gave me when we were 5. I still display it proudly as you do your magnificent purse.
3)Kathy Kraft! Love that name. Now wishing my name was Diane Doodles. ARgh! So close.


What a precious treasure this sweet bag is, Charlotte! How personal and unique. It speaks of your mom, your family, and of the friend who poured her love into it. You're so very lucky to have it.

I was thinking about you yesterday when I was in a paper shop and there was a Be Good Tanyas album playing (you and I had had a little convo about them a while back). Speaking of Patty Griffin, my hubby and I decided yesterday that we're going to learn her "Truth No.2" to perform at a local open mike venue. He plays guitar and sings, I sing and play violin or ukulele, mandolin, tin whistle, whatever takes my fancy.

Thanks so much for the link :)


Ohhh I wish you could see how green with envy I am. I LOVE the storybook purse and what a sweet memory. Treasure that purse it is amazing. Xerox Clarice


Love the purse, and it's story. I just love it when such a small thing means has so much meaning. I have a christmas ornament, that I blogged about, that reminds me of my grandpa, and makes me sentimental every year when I put it on the tree.
And I was just trying to describe to someone the other day, the Joan Walsh Angland dolls, that I used to collect when I was about 12 or 13. They were so cute, with their big heads, yarn hair, and little eyes!! I haven't seen one of them for years and years.

lauren Mumford

What a sweet tangible item to have sitting in front of you to remind you of sweet intangible memories...

Lovely post Charlotte.

Elizabeth Holcombe

That wonderful purse just takes my breath away! Reminds me of one my mom used to carry too! Thanks so so much for sharing such a wonderful memory of your lovely mother. :)))) XXOO, Beth


Your Mom is so cute!! I love the purse and I used to LOVE Joan Walsh Anglund illustrations and books. I had lots of them in high school just because they were so adorable and quaint. Haven't thought about that in a long time. Was great to see her work on that purse!!


such an incredibly moving story....
you have such an amazing way with words...I would be in a puddle listening to Patti Griffin and writing those words....remembering those things.
thanks for sharing.....SO sweet!


What a treasure and a history.

It just made me smile reading about it.

tea time and roses

A lovely post, and a beautiful memory...




I just love this purse and the wonderful story that goes along with it. What a treasure to have forever. Thanks for sharing it.

Angel Jem

Have you got a tissue? What a lovely post & an incredible reminder that death is never an end, but just a separation where we can only be linked to those we love by memory. I always reckon people remember in sort of similar ways to how they learn, that some people need music to get the full memory hit, others need pictures and others, things. What a lovely physical link the purse must be and how lucky you are to have it. Bless.

Kelley ~ JunqueyGal

What a treasure you brought me to tears.

And your Mother & Daughter book has been a happy & memorable part of my summer activities with my young daughters.

Thank you for the inspiration!

Sadie Olive

Patty Griffin is my favorite. :)

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

What a sweet story and such a wonderful treasure to pass on to your own daughter some day.

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