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Charlotte Lyons is an author, teacher, and artist based in southwestern Vermont. House Wren Studio is her creative home and a resource for makers and crafters around the world.

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i have no idea what silver bella is, but it sounds wonderful...i could not seems to find any info from the linked blog...would love to join you in the future...have a good trip...blessings, rebecca

suzi finer



One of Frank Lloyd Wrights' famous houses, Falling Water, is located about 3 miles from where my grandparents lived in Pa. As a young child we visited the home several times a year. It always seemed soooo special and the spirit of Mr. Wright so magical. You can imagine my delight in your early post re: your author friend and her new book. Why I ran straight out to B&N and bought a copy---Well, as promised, the book is terrific! I have been savoring each chapter--I just don't want it to be over too soon. Please pass on my exitement to Ms. Horan, WOW, what a writer!


You turn and ride away, leaving us with a cliff hanger...

hurry back!


Oh you tease !!! Have a wonderful week. Clarice


Wishing you a lovely time away with your family and friends.

& How exciting for your friend! I will look forward to checking out her book.

Silver Bella! Love the sneak peek ... it all looks so magical and I can't wait to hear about it! I so wish something like this would come to Los Angeles, pretty please please please. Wishing you tons of creative fun. :)


oooh! I can't wait until Silver Bella! it's getting closer and closer! talk of putting together kits got me excited!! this is definitely going to be the highlight of my year!
xo natalea

melissa @ the inspired room

Can't wait to hear what is in the works! Have a great trip, congrats to the author, sounds like an exciting book! Being that my family is in the book publishing industry, I am always so happy for authors and publishers when they have great success! :-)


So fun for you to know Nancy Horan and be able to share some of the excitement. And oh, the tease, for SB. I can't wait for the Peace class...and All the others!! Have fun.


Can't wait to hear more Miss Charlotte.


Sounds exciting...whatever it is! Anxiously waiting.


I just know your news will be exciting!
I actually just picked up a copy of Loving Frank...I was taken in by the title alone. I begin reading next week so am now even more excited to begin!

I just received my package from Bayberry Cove...all sorts of CR goodies..bits and bobs of your treasures. Mice and mice and mice and a few other wonders as well.
I can not wait to decorate with them over the Christmas holidays.

Till then I am so anticipating Fall's arrival and getting the house decorated for this glorious season.

Have a safe and happy journey@



Charlotte, I am so excited to see what it is you are working on! You have the most inventive mind... and I am also thrilled to see that you have a link to Women Take Wing! We are absolutely thrilled to have you join us!

Daisy Cottage

I miss my Charlotte!!!!!!


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