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dinner with mary...some impressive friends you have...i love cosy corners and am busy creating some in my new home...i am inspired to actually finish them this time...beautiful photos...grand musings...blessings, rebecca


I received the email with announcement of Mary's new blog this morning - and immediately, I thought 'We have Charlotte to thank for this!'! Then of course I checked out Mary's blog, linked to it, and posted about it!

Charlotte, thank you for sperading the 'gospel' of Blogging to Mary - we hope she loves it as much as we all do!!!;o)


Charlotte, I just love that little clay star your daughter made! Hmmm girls mostly brought home lumpy looking bowls :) but I still got'em. I'm a huge fan of Mary's Mag glad she now has a blog!


Oh, what a fun new blog to know about - thank you! Yes, it is quite cozy. And so are the corners in that 'older' book of yours! What fun to see that picture of you on the back flap (Amazon), a la 1994. ;)

Junk 2 Jewels

I just love the look of that box the flowers are sitting on. Im a sucker for a pretty box. Tracy


Oh my chicken and stars...totally loving that polks dottish suitcase. Thanks so much for the news about Miss Mary's blog. I have goosies!

terri ventura

Hi Charlotte ,
I always love reading your blog , your pictures are so pretty ... the whole blog itself is just lovely . I can't wait to meet you in person.

Daisy Cottage

Mary E & Charlotte L - the PERFECT combination for cozy, genious creativity that makes us all drool and crave more! Thank you for sharing about Mary's new blog! Hopping over there now..


julie (jane's apron)

no time to talk...I've got to run to that blog (thanks charlotte ;-)

suzi finer

Happy Happy to you...I'll check that blog out too!


What a fabulous little circle I have found myself. I have been a Mary fan for quite some time, finding inspiration in everything she does. I clicked on your "cozy" link and found that you also visit the wonderful Miss Alicia who has inspired my blogging obsession, and I found you on the typepad site as the featured blog (congratulations) which has inspired me to keep working out the kinks on my own blog. You ladies are all so talented and inspiring. (Have you been to prettylittlethings.typepad?) Thanks. I love visiting you and you have a beautiful site.


I think I'm with much cozy in my "cozy corners" that I focus my camera real close to my subject! I love your birthday flowers, so pretty and cheerful. Also, I did see Mary's got a blog now. Sounds like a song... "Mary's got a blog and she knows how to use it..."

Too much coffee already this morning...


I have had that book for years and LOVE it!! I just recently pulled it out and was looking thru it again. That is one of the reasons I was so excited to see you had a blog. I have all of the books you mentioned and have loved the things you and Mary do, forever. I have been waiting for the day when she would jump on the blogging bandwagon. Yay!!!

melissa @ the inspired room


I had gone to her blog IMMEDIATELY upon receiving my email announcement! That is how excited I was! I wanted to welcome her to blogging! I went back today and didn't see my welcome, so I added another one, just for good measure.

Your blog is always inspiring to me and I am sure hers will be the same. There are lots of blogs, and some very special ones I treasure the most. New special friends. Always delightful to spend some time with them and share cozy corners and special moments.



Oh great. Now I am NEVER going to get anything done.



Now I want to run off to my bookshelf and pull out all of my ME & CL books! Gosh I loved those so much, they are old and dear friends, it's time for a visit.

Fun fun fun! I may never get off of the computer again. ;) Please extend our congratulations to Mary on joining the blogging world and let her know how very much beloved she is.

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