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Oh how cute! They remind me of a little pair of wooden shoes we have displayed in our den. My husband's grandfather brought them home from WWII. They are not painted as ornately as yours -they have a simple design painted on them and Belgium, 1944. My MIL wore them when she was a toddler. They are a treasure.


thank you
for letting me peek
around in your blog!

fun, comfortable and creative
over here...


i live in florida
and am a Big Fan
of flip-flops, too.
those wooden shoes look cute
as can be
i think i would prefer to wear
converse sneakers...maybe in pink.

going now
to check out your etsy...


I'm wearing an India-print wraparound skirt right now! With flip-flops no less !!


I am intrigued by the orange and white room, how cool must that be. Also, on your post before about the ipod cozy, it's adorable, I am thinking of making on too! Thanks!



bare feet are my choice...birkenstock's next...but i love these unfinished shoes...of course i am in my glass slippers today for the bloglandia post...blessings, rebecca


Love the shoes.....what nice decoration. And oh how I know what you mean about the torture of returning to "real" shoes after a summer of sandals.....killer !!


I love this post Charlotte, Joni, Indian bedspreads made into blouses, VW buses! "We are stardust, we are golden." Good times. :)

While I was out running my errands yesterday, they played a song from Joni Mitchell's new CD on the radio and I want to go pick it up. She was the soundtrack to my teenage years and I still adore her madly. Didn't she say awhile back that she wasn't going to record ever again, she was so disenchanted with the music industry? I'm so glad she changed her mind.

Those clogs are so charming! And I love the fabric behind them, what a cheery and welcoming room.

Oh! The pieces of yours I ordered from Bayberry arrived yesterday. Oh the cuteness! I am in love with them all, so darling Charlotte! :)


Oh my, Charlotte, don't even get us all started on unfinished projects! Next thing you know there'll be a "Unfinished Project" blog explosion! LOL

melissa @ the inspired room

Unfinished projects? What are those? I don't see anything of the sort around here. Oh, maybe that is because they piled up so high they've tipped over and fallen off the table on the floor! OH MY!

Love the shoes. I am loving putting on a pair of cozy sneakers with socks, now that I feel the chill in the air!

Happy Thursday, dear Charlotte!


tea time and roses

Beautiful shoes... I am fortunate that out here in Southern California we can get away with summer shoes for a good part of the year... and thats good for me because I love the feeling of free feet! LOL Thanks for sharing these beautiful shoes with us Charlotte.

A a lovely day...


jennifer Paganellli

look at me I see the shoes but my eye is drawn to the beautiful tablecloth surprises here!! See you soon. Jennifer


who makes that lovely print of orange and white fabric under the shoes?

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