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Charlotte Lyons is an author, teacher, and artist based in southwestern Vermont. House Wren Studio is her creative home and a resource for makers and crafters around the world.

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Kim Caldwell

We share the same birthday Charlotte! I can't wait to learn from you at Silver Bella -- your Etsy additions are so charming. . .


Huge congrats on the new Christmas line, Charlotte. And in ME to boot. FAB!! That really is so cool! Love your new collages. Tres sweet.


Ohh wish I could be a Tinsel Trading for the event! And wish I lived in the neighborhood!


I ordered the peace bird from Bayberry Cove already. I can't wait for her to arrive.

It's never to early to start planning for Christmas. I've started my sewing already.

Tami Bowman

Your blog is always so lovely...I can feel the tea kettle singing.

Can't wait to enjoy your class at Silver Bella!!!

Debbie Jones

It's good to hear your enthusiasm. Tinsel Trading is a bus ride away. Hmmm


You are so busy! Looking forward to Silver Bella class.Carolr


Oopsy, looks like I missed your birthday but still timely as you are celebrating your birthday W E E K!! Hope it was and continues to be a joyfilled one. All the best. LindaSonia


Uh oh missed the big day, hope it was a great one!
You are really going to be busy this season, lots going on! I'll watch for the Sweet Mt. Holiday line. Any ideas in my neck of the woods?


Congrats on all the wonderful goings-ons! What fun!! I will be on the look out for your new line. I am sure it is just precious. I can't wait to see your work in ME Home Companion as well - have you heard about the cover yet?


Oh! I so want to go to Tinsel Trading!!! I so wish we had something like it in Los Angeles boo hoo. Pretty please, will you post a photo of your Halloween project if you're able Charlotte, it sounds charming.

Looking forward to seeing you in ME. Any word on the cover yet? I'm still doing my whirly twirly magical mojo chant for you. :)

I'm going to run over to Bayberry Cove right now so I don't miss out on your adorable ornaments. Thanks for the cuteness heads up!

Happy Birthday Week!


Congratulations on your new holiday line--sounds so cute. I love ME magazine and will be especially looking for your feature. I'd love to win some of your art, so please count me in. Thanks.

Angel Jem

Never too soon for Christmas in my house! (Well, perhaps December 26th.....)
Looking forward to my next edition of MEHC!


I enjoy your blog. Wish I were close to 'midtown' for your class but Spokane WA is a tad far from there ;).


I enjoy your blog. Wish I were close to 'midtown' for your class but Spokane WA is a tad far from there ;).

Susan Shintaku

Happy Belated Birthday. I wish NY was closer to CA so I could take your class at Tinsel Trading!!! Looking forward to seeing your work in ME! I know it will be splendid!! :-)



Hi Charlotte,
Your art is so inspiring! I love what you do and hope to get to take a class from you someday!


Your stuff is darling. Such talent!


Happy belated birthday to you! Your collages are just gorgeous. And good luck with your class. I wish I was lucky enough be close by.


Our neighbor celebrates her birthday "month". Wishing you much success on your holiday line, I look forward to adding to my holiday collection with your new pieces. I celebrated my birthday yesterday the Charlotte way - thrifting and crafting! Cheers


That makes two of us with birthdays this week! Happy Birthday Dear Lady! Congratulations too, on being the Typepad feature blog. I was so excited when I saw that, but even more so over the new holiday crafts and The Book (i'm so getting that book of yours!)
My goodness you're busy with things over here, no wonder you're still in your PJ's!(wink)

Wylie Hunt

Charlotte, everything you touch turns to gold. Your blog is so beautiful, and your work so inspiring. Thank you for putting so much of yourself into everything!


Hope you had a wonderful birthday!
Oooo, the Christmas issue of ME! I will definitely look for it!


I love the mousie! So cute.....Can't wait to meet you at SIlver Bella!!


Congratulations on being selected as a Typepad featured blog! (I received that honor a couple of months ago. It's so nice to be noticed!!!)
Warm regards,


Happiest of Birthdays to you! Perhaps some day I'll find myself in New York...until then, I have Omaha to look forward to!
Michele :)


What a lovely post -- as always, but I love the open door/cuppa tea metaphor! Happy happiest birthday and how kind of you to be giving the gift!

julie (jane's apron)

just saw House Wren Studio as Typepad's featured I came over to comment and look what I found...a party favor I'd love to have!


Hi There,

Found you through the typepad featured blog of the day. :) What a lovely blog you have, filled with so many lovely images. Looking forward to checking back often. :)




K Winch

I wish I could attend your class at Tinsel Trading Co. I have been in the store and would LOOOOOOOve to go back...I have also followed and loved your work for a long time.. ME etc. just keep working and making special things.. thank you Karen


what a fabulous, fabulous line....i've plans for the 13th or i would have been there....maybe next time!!!


Congrats on your featured blog :)


Hi Charlotte. Best wishes for a Happy Birthday! Much exciting news in this recent post, congrats are in order. Well done.

I also popped in to see if I could convince you to visit my blog as my friends and I are having a giveaway this week. All you need to do is leave a comment on our contest posts and you're entered to win such goodies as yarn, fabric and chocolate!!! We've got three separate boxes to giveaway internationally,as well as one local and the contest closes at 12noon Fri. Sept. 21st PST . So hurry over and say hello!

Green Chair Studio

Just found your blog through the Typepad "Featured Blog" - so very lovely!! I'll definately be stopping back for a visit again soon!


Charlotte I missed your birthday I'm soo sorry - belated birthday greetiings to you and congrats on being featured by Typepad.

Leigh Ann

Can't wait to see the Christmas stuff!
love your blog--it's cozy--like sipping tea in a big comfy chair!

tea time and roses

You do beautiful work are a very talented artist.




Hi Charlotte! I just saw you on the typepad featured blogs! Oh, are you ever deserving. Your blog is a slice of heaven! you are my Martha of the blog world! I love the way you write and share things! Thank you for being such a huge inspiration. I'm finally going to get around to doing Maria's book this fall! I also checked out your book about crafts with kids at home and I collected a bunch of shells at the beach to make a frame or something crafty with them. :) Lia


My sister and I celebrate birthday weeks. It's a nice excuse if we don't get to the post office with each other's present on time, too!
I can't wait to get my next MEHC and see your feature!


Enjoyed my visit to your blog! I do think I heard the tea kettle whistle!


many congrats on the typepad feature!


Best wishes for a wonderful year! Looking forward to the ME issue, and would love to make a visit to Tinsel Trading next time I head to NYC from here in PA.


I can't wait to see the new Christmas things! Enjoy your birthday week!


Yes! I would love more tea! Two lumps of sugar please!


I am very thankful for your open door.


Count me in - Your collection is lovely.



oh how i love tinsel trading! it's just so far away from me. i know everyone will have so much fun and be inspired by you!!


Happy Birthday Charlotte! Great blog--you inspire me!
Susan W.

melissa @ the inspired room

Goodness, Charlotte, I keep missing your posts, coming a day late to everything. Of course, if it isn't too late, I would love to be included in your drawing.

Anything from you would be a real treat to treasure!

I relate to your concept of opening your door and the whole world is invited in. You never know who will show up when, and super creative folks usually show up on the days I've rambled on about driving a mini-van and not getting manicures. But, that's me. And that's blogging if you are a real person. :-)

Thanks for being so gracious and welcoming everyone! PJ's and all! Wish I could come to your class...sounds delightful.


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