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Charlotte Lyons is an author, teacher, and artist based in southwestern Vermont. House Wren Studio is her creative home and a resource for makers and crafters around the world.

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You are a better mom than I am today. I don't think I could bake a pie for my Mary today, but I sure would try. She is the mother of my grandprincess Isabella and just found out the Navy is sending them to Hawaii. For FIVE years. And we live in Tennessee! We are so sad! Her sisters call her, she calls them, I call her and she calls me and all we can do is sigh to each other over the phone.

suzi finer

we need to talk...


Sounds like you are very busy. I bet your candy houses are adorable. I hope you share them with us. Have a lovely weekend. Clarice


I'm so looking forward to hearing about Silver Bella and your classes at Tinsel Trading. You lucky girl, sitting amidst all those yummy supplies. Hope you get to play soon!

I have a thing for houses and just about got the vapors over "In This House" - what a gorgeous gorgeous book. Awaiting my Amazon delivery this week and it can't arrive fast enough. :) Thank you so much for telling us about their zine, I hadn't heard about it and will run on over there now.

And over to Matthew Mead as well! :)

Sending Mo wishes for a brighter day.


Here I am again! Thank you so much for writing about "In This House" Charlotte. I went to Sarah's blog and clicked on a link and found that all the pieces from the book are on display at a gallery in the Valley (*A Studio Gallery* in Studio City) through October 12th for us So. Cal. gals. WAHOO! I'm so sad that I missed the opening night reception and the chance to get a book autographed but jumping up and down over here. Doing the happy dance. :)


Alas and alac! I so want to be at Tinsel and Trading next weekend! Tennessee is just too far away! Instead, I will be camping (willngly) with my SO. Iknow you will have fun and can't wait to hear all about it.


Me, too. I know it will be LOVERLY!
You always so rock the artiness of my world.
(Thanks for the nice words, too!)

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