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just catching up on your last two posts and feeling quite emotional and touched by them. Joni Mitchell is an angel, as is your Erin (and her Mama, too). We're blessed by the hope and love they give. There is peace to be found. And more coming.
Have a wonderful weekend, Charlotte - with that basket o yarn between you and your Mama.


what beautiful and loving girls you've raised. You must be so very proud of them.
It gives us such hope for our future when we see what our children are doing for the world with quiet and deliberate steps toward what is right and what is true and what is needed. and with love.
bless you Charlotte and your precious family,


Hi Charlotte. This is a beautiful and oh so important post and topic.

I awarded you "blog of the week" over at Britt-Arnhild's House in the Woods today.


Thank you so much for this beautiful, eloquent and moving post Charlotte. As much as I love talking crafts, I need substance as well. I value compassion and treating everyone with dignity above all else. I am gladdened to find you that you are likeminded – I just knew you were a kindred spirit, my sister in hot pants. :)

The crisis in The Congo is so unbearably heartbreaking. Please tell Erin I think she’s wonderful, what a tremendous young woman she is! Bless her and all those who stand up, take an action and try to effect change and make this world better.

"Imagine all the people
Living life in peace..."

suzi finer

Moved by you once again. Erin gets major props for her strength and drive...just wonderful.


Sometimes, I'm not sure what to say....or not. It takes courage to speak what's in your heart at times.
Thank you for this post. There are many, who would not know of this issue, and the good work of these people and the organizations they work for, if you hadn't.
I'm not as eloquent as you, or others, but I truly do think we as individuals can make a difference. Together, we can create a world of peace. Understanding begins with communication.
John Paul's portraits of these beautiful people are stunning.

Kimberly Kwan

pass the peace, please!


Finally had a moment to view these striking photos! So much to be done in our world, and when kids are involved it's urgent. Wish I could see these upclose and personal.

Certainly makes me feel proud to know you and your talented family and their friends!

Marie-Lynn Richard

Thanks for bringing my attention to this expo. I have a hard time understanding brutality inflicted upon you own neighbor, spouse or even family. This type of violence seems to happen in parts of the world where almost everyone is raised in abject poverty surrounded by violence and war. I am also sadenned that certain areas of the world go un-helped because there is no immediate economical benefit to it. What Africa has going for it are strong women who have proven that they can work hard, raise a family, run a business and even win a Nobel Peace prize. Yet they are ravaged by genocide, abuse, rape and AIDS. International organizations need to step in and protect, help and educate African women and girls. It is an investment that, over 1-2 generations, would have a massive beneficial impact on the whole continent and the rest of the world.

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