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I love this project Charlotte! It has endless possibilities, for every season.
Oh so!

teresa mcfayden

Oh wow Charlotte, if that's not cute then I don't know what is! Looks like had a good time and made some adorable pieces.


What a wonderful creation. My sister, Susan just visited The Tinsel Trading Company last week and sent me some lovely treasures and embellishments. I hope to go into NYC in November. I wish so much I could have been part of this workshop...totally inspiring. Karen


Those little houses are completely adorable!! And totally inspiring.


So cute! Wish I could have been there too.


Oh Charlotte these are so charming and my girls would love making them. I am sure everyone was blessed by your class. Clarice


OH!! I want so much to visit Tinsel Trading and Purl and a million other things in NY, dreaming a little dream right now of scrumptious goodies.

Charlotte, thank you so much for sharing your project with us. What fun you all must have had. Those are so darling, what a precious idea. I hope you don't mind, I'm all excited with ideas and would love to try to make my own? Finish the carton of oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow and I'm off and creating hehe! :)

Happy almost Halloween!

suzi finer

I am infatuated with this box!


Simply lovely...What a great idea, usefull for all year round too!!


I had to come and meet you...I came from Kim's...HELLO! What a darling idea with the little cottages! I'd love to make one and name it after my cottage...Cherry Hill Cottage...


Oh wow that is wonderful, enjoyed your site.

Flea Market Queen

I love the candy containers...
Very creative indeed!


I loved seeing these pictures! How fun! How fun to see all the different creative twists on your original fabulous idea! Cute, cute, cute!

suzi finer

I am infatuated with this box!

jennifer Paganellli

you are too much..what a swet notion!!!

jessi nagy

these all turned out so adorable.
can't wait to meet you at silver bella.
jessi nagy


Love the project you came up with and looks like everyone had a good time too! LindaSonia

melissa @ the inspired room

Charlotte, those are absolutely adorable. What a fun time you must've had!

Daisy Cottage

Too cute for words - in awe, as usual!



Aww.. why'd you have to show us the project.. now I'm even more bummed to have missed it. :) Looks like they all had a blast! xo


Wow, I just love your work. You have some fantastic designs, just wonderful!! I just found your blog, and I'm blown away! :D :D

Jillian Rosefielde-Fielding

Hi Charlotte,

I loved your class on Saturday - it was sooo much fun! I brought my project home and my cats (Charlie & Gracie) wanted to get up close and personal with it. That could spell trouble. So, I had to place the haunted house up high -- but I'm loving it. I'm looking forward to your class on the 3rd of November. Best regards, Jillian

tea time and roses

Charlotte I love these they a beautiful each one of them!




Oh, this looks like it was so much fun! Wish that I could have been there...


Love your candy holder and all those inspired by it, lovely stuff.


What a FANTABULOUS blog you have! I've been blogging since January and I think this is my first visit here! Your creations are BEAUTIFUL and inspire me to get goin'!!! =) I've found crafting to be my outlet of choice these days. I'm a watercolorist by trade, but with four young kids (and no safe space for an easel!) I can craft more quickly these days. =) I'll be back - I've so much on your blog to read and catch up on!


these are wonderful...what you can do with an oatmeal box...i think i may try one...thanks for showing the photos...blessings, rebecca


I had such a fun time on Saturday. You are a wonderful teacher and are a truly creative soul! Can't wait to see you at the next class!

terri ventura

This class was so much fun, I don't usually get to participate as a student. With you as my teacher I loved every minute of it. I know that all the rest of your classes will be just as great. I encourage anybody who's going be in NYC on 11/3 & or 12/8
to sign up asap charlottes classes are booking fast.
yes kids she's that good.
thanx again for a great day

claudine hellmuth

love love love this! so fun!!


Wonderful, wonderful creation!!!!!!!


Oh! Those are SO sweet, I am nearly in a diabetic coma just from looking at them.

My oatmeal is going directly into a ziplock bag...

carol eldridge

hi Charlotte, I would love to get more info on your Nov class in NYC...perhaps I would venture down to say hello and take the class.....

the halloween house is very cute...when I was an art teacher we frequently used oatmeal boxes for all sorts of craft projects so I know your background must be art ed!

carol eldridge

M Ann M

I'm so glad I signed up for your class, I had a great time! I use the container to hold some soldering supplies. I was flipping through the Between Friends book that I just bought from you and found the Oatmeal Cake recipe and thought to myself, well...I do happen to have a lot of oatmeal lying around. I just finished making it and it tasted just as delicious as it looked in the picture. Thank you so much and I hope to see you at another class.

ellen Crimi-Trent

Hi Charlotte,
I just love the Halloween house! We have been working hard in my house on all of our decorations and the boys love creating fun houses as well. wish I could have been at the workshop, I do miss living in NY!

Amy H.

I love this. What a great idea to use the oatmeal container. Now I need to eat up lots of oatmeal so I can get at the canister or (light goes off) I could just put the oatmeal in a rubbermaid container and not have to eat oatmeal three meals a day. Thanks so much for sharing.


I love these Charlotte! You are such an inspiration. Lovely creations!



What a delightful project! Love the flying bats!!!

Michelle Cummings

Wow, how fun. Wish I lived closer to attend! Ca is kinda a distance. Your halloween house is such a treat for the eyes, thanks for sharing!
I'm having a demo party on my blog now, hope you can come and play!

Kitty Forseth

WOW, what a fabulous project! Wish I could have been there!

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