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Oh My! I really hope I can get the Peace on Earth kit, or really anything you have created :) I am going to have to keep a very close eye on your etsy shop. I just love your creations. I discovered you in Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion ~ which I have subscribed to since day one. I look forward to your posts on your blog. Happy Blogging Anniversary :)
[email protected]


I recently discovered your blog, and I just can't get enough of it. Your creations are just gorgeous!! I was sad because I couldn't go to silver bella this year, so winning, or buying one of your kits would be the next best thing. Congrats on your blog-iversary!!!

Karen at Junking in Georgia

Cheers for the year of blogging. I loved your post about your little cherry dress. All of us can remember special outfits we wore as a child, reading your post brought back some fond memories. Karen


Charlotte- I would love to have one of your "Winter in the Forest" kits-is it possible to have you send me a Paypal invoice? Please let me know. Many thanks...


I have two favorites. I enjoyed reading about your daughter who is twenty. It was so precious and sweet! I also enjoyed reading about the upcoming issue of Mary Engelbreit that has your work displayed. I just discovered your blog and love it!


I would love to have one of your kits, esp. the Peace on Earth but hey, I'm not choosy!!!

My favorite post is actually just a few back, "Josephine". My paternal grandmother and I were very close as I was growing up. It was obvious to all that I was her "fav" because we had the same interests. My grandmother, Cleo, taught me to crochet Barbie clothes very early on and we just progressed from there, needlepoint, quilting(she tried to teach this) and just a general love for homemade items. She is now in a nursing home overcome by Alzheimers, not able to function at all on her own. I miss her terribly and your post really touched me! Thank you so much.


Hi Charlotte: Guess if I have to pick a favorite, one that made me cry and grab hold of your words as being so perfectly close to what I might say too I'd pick "both sides now" on oct 18. Can't tell you how much it meant to me. Your blog is the mind and heart soother I need, now on a daily basis. Thank you!


Charlotte - Congratulations on your milestone! I just found your blog, as I've been reading about all the great, talented women at the Silver Bella event - I can't even begin to imagine what it must have been like to have been surrounded by so much creative energy! I LOVED the pictures of your card holder - you are one talented lady! I look forward to this next year's blogging! Best wishes.

Debbie Jones

Congrats to you on your anniversary. Every post you have written is my favorite. Debbie


One of my favorites, and there are several, is when you wrote of Chelseah in late September. Specifically when after holding her, you told your husband you wanted a baby, I could read the joy in your post, such happiness coming through in your writing.
Love seeing all the Bella things. Can't wait for more!


Happy blogging anniversary! I love checking in to see how you are doing. It sure looks like you had a lot of fun at Silver Bella - I can't wait to craft with you again on the 8th of December at Tinsel Trading. Regards, Jillian


Your classes looked like so much fun! Wish I could have been at Silver Bella!!



I remember the thrill of excitement the day I found your blog. I have been a fan for years and love your books and blog as a source of inspiration. My favorite entry was the one about Mo being a firefighter. The pride, love, and joy of a mother encouraging her daughter was wonderful. Happy anniversary and THANK YOU for brightening my days. Cheers.

Valerie Fischer

Congratulations! My favorite recent post is the one on your grandmother. My three grandmothers were with me all the way into my early 20s (both grandmothers and one great-grandmother), but I have lost them all in the last 8 years. I consider myself extremely blessed to have had all three of them in my life for so long and that they all lived in the same city as myself, so I got to have close relationships with all of them. Reading your post just reminded me of all the happy times I spent with my own grandmothers.

Thanks for the fun giveaway! I would love to win a kit!


One year of blogging - it really is a magical place. I'd love one of your kits Sweet Charlotte. xo

suzi finer

I honestly cannot earmark a favorite, as they all add a vital piece to the quilt that is a blog. So enjoyable!
Glad to have met up with you.


Charlotte... it has been a true joy to get acquainted with you through your blog. I have enjoyed ALL your blog entries and I mean that truly. They were just revealing enough for one to feel like you really knew you or at least someone lovely like you - your comments about your family and life in general were/are always so gentle (can't think of a better word). I have to say though that I probably especially love your crafty creations. The fabrics and bits and baubles you used always ALWAYS touched something in me - like a kindred spirit. What you liked, I liked. I just know it will continue to be a joy. LindaSonia xo

Daisy Cottage

Well Miss C, my favorite post SHOULD be the one about me, right? "The Daisy Cottage Conspiracy.."? ;-) But honestly, my favorite postS would have to be the ones about your baby girls and Jake.. you touch my heart so deeply with your precious words and the beautiful gift that you have in sharing your thoughts.
May we continue to be greatly blessed by your sweet presence here in Blogland.. I for one, am very glad that I found you!


yummy eye candy and a treat, too! What a treasure!

Judy Grubbs

Charlotte I also love all your blog entries, from the great tutorials to the more personal thoughts on your friends and family. My favorite tho was probably the one about Mo becoming a firefighter. Your pride and joy as a mother is so beautiful. I would love to have one of your kits.


I just recently bumped into your blog with all the Silver Bella happenings. OH MY!! Happy Blogging Anniversary and keep the creative juices flowing!

Renee S.

I only recently discovered the world of blogs and it has been so inspiring. I really appreciate your art.


Congratulations on your blogiversary! I love all of your posts. I don't know that I can pick a favorite. I did really enjoy the post about your mother's purse and the fact that you used a picture of it for your banner for awhile--I thought that was really special and neat.


Congrats, Charlotte on your anniversary. One year in this wonderful world of creative blogs - how fun.

I love all your posts - but those about your daughter's wedding were very special. Especially special, even!!

Here's to many more years sharing your warm stories and wonderful inspiration.



you post about your dad was daddy was jackie gleason and lou costello rolled into one....i miss him dearly


Happy Blogaversary!!!!!
I enjoy reading your spot here on the web!


Wow, has it been a year already! How time flies! I'd love a chance to win one of your kits. Those trees looked amazing in the photos you shared. Happy anniversary!!

Barbara H.

Congratulations on your blogiversary! I have enjoyed your blog ever since first discovering it. I can't remember how I did -- probably a link from somewhere.

It would be hard to say which was my favorite post, but the Linzer heart pins were some of my favorite products.

kerry lynn

i just found you after meeting you at sb but i adore your art and am just happy to share in this amazing community of artists with you.


Gigi told me about your blog and I love it!! I wanted so bad to come to silverbella but the trip from Holland is just a little TOO far!! lol...maybe I can get a kit and try make my own sileverbella weekend!!


Happy one year! I've been rading all about Silver Bella, but am not in that circle of friends, so it is very interesting. I would love to win one of your kits though!



Congratulations on your blogiversary!! Isn't it great what you discover through blogging - a whole world opens up!!

Sarah Bowen

Oh man Charlotte, I would love a kit, I hope I am a lucky girl, I totally missed out on Silver Bella, although have been living through my friends that went. BIG Congrats on your one year, I totally get how amazing the whole blog thing is, it just changes everything, there are so many people to meet and check out, it just the funnest. Hope all is well. Thanks for doing the RAK, that's so cool!!


I am new to all these blogs and i found you thought two other blogs and im enjoying reading and would love to learning how to make the chirstmas card holder i seen that was made at sliver Bella.


I had so much fun at Silver Bella and was happy to take one of your classes and get to meet you (and learn how to sew!)

jenny b harris

Congrats on your one year blogiversary! I've loved every single one of your posts so I'm not sure I could pick just one favorite. The first one that pops into my mind is your photoshopped faces on pumpkins. That one cracked me up! The other was the one about your grandma Josephine, and the decorated dress form in your studio. Loved it.


Oh, I hope, I hope I'll win one! I'm keeping my fingers double-crossed!

By the way, can I borrow one of your pics for a post about felting crafts on my blog? Jen


Congratulations on your blogversary!
Among my favorites of your posts are:
the one with the Cat's Meow (building by the wharf that told you to leave a note if you took a cat :)
And the one with big fat Sassy (?) on the balcony!
Can you tell I love cats! ;)


I really can't say which entry is my favorite, I just love the hominess of your entries - very heart felt and creative. Thanks for sharing a part of your life with us.


Congratulations on your first year anniversary! You really make it look so easy--which we all know is not the case.

I think my favorite post was about your sock kitty. It brought back so many wonderful memories.

Here is to many more years of creative sharing and joy!

Stephanie Howell

you are fantastic.
that's pretty much all i have to say. =)


Thank you for being my creative touchstone most every day! I love when you write about your daughters, as I have three amazing daughters of my own. Mothers and Daughters at Home has given us many hours of precious memories. If I were fortunate enough to win a kit, I'd surely make it with them! Happy Anniversary and Many More!


I've been reading your blog since mid July. I was so excited to read about you and your life (I didn't know who you Mary Engelbreit connection etc.) that I went back and read from the beginning. I think it took me 2 weeks to fit it all in. My kids fought me for the computer. I liked reading about St. Louis as my mother's family is still there (my grandpa is Ted Drewes, Sr.---frozen custard!). Plus, we live a few suburbs over from Oak Park, so I like to hear anything about your time living there. I swear I'm going to find that pink Victorian....just to look at it. Thank you for opening up your heart and home to us.


Congratulations. I really enjoyed the posts on your firefighter daughter.. I guess the momness of them really touched me, you wrote so eloquently. But really, I enjoy them all. I mean reading the day-to-dayness of someone 'famous' is so fun! I've admired your work so much. Now when I see those little trees at work I feel like I'm a tiny bit of an insider on you!

Cindy Hamlin

I am brand new to your blog. I saw one of your Christmas items in a magazine and used it as the inspiration for a felty brooch for a swap. I have not posted the finished item yet as my partner has not received it.

My friend, Heidi, let me know that you were the person that created the house that I used for my inspiration.

I have been reading only recently and am truly inspired by all of the eye candy.

If you would like, I can let you know when I post the finished item that your item inspired.

Thanks for inspiring me!



having been a long time fan of Mary E-(in fact i owned a small gift shop that carried only mary products...we were actually the first of its kind in 1994.)i have seen photos of your daughters from when they were very little. my favorite post has to be when Mo became a firefighter. i loved the image, her beautiful face against that backdrop with her firefighter uniform on...very sweet & such a proud moment for you.


I have loved seeing each little creation you have made, each little discovery. I loved the post about Joni Mitchell, all the post about your girls, and when you where so excited about your new collection going to market... It has be a blast to be part of your journey! Thanks for all the inspiration and encouragement! Here is to another lovely year of blogging amongst friends!


I'm feeling a bit under the weather over here - I'm so sorry to be tardy in wishing you a happy one year blogging anniversary and late in hearing about your Silver Bella experience.

Oh my gosh! Your projects look so wonderful Charlotte. I'm so glad to hear you had so much fun and got to meet so many people. I sure wish there'd be a West Coast edition of SB!

Congratulations on your one year blogiversary! You're such a sweetie to do another giveaway and share some of your Silver Bella magic with us. :)

Your posts are always heartfelt and a joy to read Charlotte. My favorites would have to be the ones about your girls. Your love for them is so evident in every word you write. I also loved the one about your daddy.

I did go back a bit and refresh my failing middle aged memory (WAH!) and after your family posts, my favorite would have to be the one about your former, now elderly neighbor, "Kind hearts, true gifts", it was so very sweet.


I loved your post about your grandmother Josephine. It reminds me that all the things I do with my granddaughter are important in her young life and that when we are together crafting we are also making important memories and instilling in her a love of creating not just for herself but for others as well.


Congratulations!!! I just started my own blog and am loving it! I bought some of your lovely ornaments over the weekend at an antique shop here in NY. I know that I will treasure them for years and even more now because in a weird way, I feel like I kinda know you! Thanks!!!!!!

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