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A very good time, indeed! So wonderful meeting you Charlotte. Sara and I miss you already.

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

How I wish I was there! I've been checking everyones posts tonight-fabulous! Love the little felt trees!


Charlotte, it was a total thrill to finally meet you. You are such a sweet and generous person. I follow your blog almost everyday, you always lift my spirits. Please keep us posted about places you will be teaching. Hope to spend Silver Bella with you again.


I am so happy you had fun. You've been on my mind all day, the shop I work in has your little snowmen and trees all over it! I wish I could have been at Silver Bella!

kerry lynn

oh my. you were amazing as well charlotte, sweet & inspiring!!

suzi finer

so happy that you had a lovely deserved it!


Sounds like a fabulous weekend! I love all the Christmas trees that were made! I think it must be so much fun to meet people with similar interests at events like this and to actually have time to get to know them!


so glad you had a wonderful time. i might have to make sure i am there next year. thanks for sharing.

Diane Duda

It all sounds just perfect!
Glad you enjoyed yourself. :)

Barbara H.

I love, love, love the tabletop trees!! Do you have a tutorial online for those? They're just adorable.

I've been reading several blog entries about Silver Bella. Sounds like a fun, inspiring time!


It was wonderful to meet you again! Perhaps we'll have a little adventure in NYC someday!


How nice it was to meet you and give you a hug of gratitude. You are so caring, considerate and just beautiful to the core. I loved your Peace on Earth class. A heartfelt thank you for giving so freely, and I hope to meet you again.

jessi nagy

what a great weekend!
you were a fabulous teacher! i love my card holder!!! fabulous!
thank you!!!


charlotte!!!! wow! my head is still spinning from the inspiration you generously gave all of us students :) & i'm grinning from ear to ear to see me & my treasured brownstone on your blog! really are just too cool for school :) i adored your class & will definitely be collaging anything that isn't nailed down from now on thanks to you :)

hope our paths will cross again someday & if you ever find yourself in NYC it'd be great to sit & have a cup of tea :)

happy tuesday!
gigi kennedy


It really and truly sounds like heaven. I wasn't even there and I'm on a Bella high just from reading about it. Can't wait til next year when I am making it a priority to go. All of your creations are beautiful as usual!


Well cruzing around blog-land it looks like it was quite a weekend. Everyone had an amazing time and I know they were so happy to take classes from you. I am so thrilled you were able to have this last weekend. Clarice


Oh Charlotte, your art projects, I love them!!! I'm so glad you had a wonderful time. It looks like it was so much fun!


WOW - your talents are "out of the bottle" so to speak!!

Always knew you'd make it big - you're on your way now, dear lady!

So jealous to miss the fun but I can read about it here.



oh what fun! Wish i was there, too....i want to make a tree, too! :) So glad you got away to have fun, too!


I was SO HAPPY to be able to meet you! Your vendor's table was a vision of color-coordinated loveliness. I'm so glad you had a great time at the event, as did I. When artists get inspired, the world becomes a nicer place to be :)

Great pix!

tracie Huskamp

Charlotte.. it was SUPER to meet you. I have been a fan of your work for so long and then to finally meet the creator face to face.

Silver Bella Vendor night was FUn and Crazy.. all rolled-up into one.

Tracie Lyn

melissa @ the inspired room

Silver Bella looks like the best of times, wish I could've been there. I could've used the lessons! :-)


I'm so glad it was so much fun for you to teach your class and that you relaxed some too, sounds like it was truly an amazing time. I love your projects, especially the card holder. Will you be selling any of your kits?

Melissa Lobdell


Thank you so much for being part of my Bella memories!!! You were my first workshop teacher EVER and I enjoyed every moment of it! What a crazy, beautiful weekend full of fun and friendship! I'm still grinning ear to ear!!!


I'm so excited to see my little party hat Christmas tree on your blog!!! xoxox


Wanted to assure you that the cozy red-sweatered "member of the family" you allowed me to bring home from Silver Bella is now thoroughly involved in helping me prepare my work space for holiday projects. Since he resided on your desk previously, I figure he must have great experience :>). So happy to have met you both at Silver Bella!

karla nathan

What a nice surprise to see my cardholder here! Thanks, it was a fun class to take.

I enjoyed every minute of the weekend, and had a 3 am slumber party myself, one night. How often does that happen in middle age? It was great.

Judy Grubbs

Charlotte it sounds like you had a fabulous time. For those of us who were unable to travel to the event are you perhaps thinking of selling some of the felt table top kits or instructions? Thanks - they look beautiful!

Carolyn Peeler

Hey Roomie,

So glad to share my Silver Bella experience with you. I really enjoyed getting to know you and look forward to continuing our friendship.

Big Hugs!


looks and sounds like it was an amazing adventure...for you ad your projects my dear...welcome home...blessings, rebecca

Jennifer Hayslip

Thank you for being such a FABULOUS instructor!!! You were so approachable, patient, and beyond NICE!!!Im a BIG fan of yours (hoping to collect one of your mouses one day. :) ) I sooo enjoyed taking your class. AND thank you for letting me glue instead of sew. :)

Michelle M White

I'm so sad that I couldn't attend! Thanks for sharing...your book looks great. I'm going to order it!

jjennifer Paganellli

Wow what a great project great fun you have really raised the bar miss it great to watch your successes it gives me hope..all the best, Jennifer

Kerri N.

You are so inspirational. I am new to your blog and love it. I thought the message about your daughter was very sweet and touching!

Shannon J

I am so thrilled to have been able to meet you in person, let alone be able to take a class from you! You are such a sweet, sweet person. I had an absolutely fabulous time in class! Thank you Thank you!
As for a favorite blog entry, I guess it's the entries of your family... you speak so gracefully with genuine love and kindness. Makes me reflect on my own family and life.
Lots of hugs,
Shannon Johnson

Jana!!! There I am! How exciting!


Looks like alot of fun! I wish I lived closer to go!


Such lovely projects! It looks like everyone had a blast!

Elaine L.

I saw the wall pocket card holder that Karla of Karla's Cottage made and think your idea is wonderful.

And, to think it's made from a cereal box!

tongue in cheek

What fun what joy! Look at all of you happiness is there!


So far away and still feeling that I have joined your workshop. Thanks.

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