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Nifty and SO smart, Miss C! A recycle craft that doesn't really look so...recycled! Love them...


Cute idea! I love repurposing recyclables!


like you I am the tablesetter not the chef on Thanksgiving, so I especially appreciate your very lovely idea! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your girls!


SO CUTE! I love them. I used to (100 years ago) do little black and white paintings on old sheet music. I feel inspired again, wanna babysit??????


Oh Charlotte, I will cook for you :-) Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for the wonderful napkin ring idea. Chloe is off and running with ideas.
xoxoxo Clarice


Oh, I love this idea. . ! Especially making each one special for the person. Wishing you a wonderful, warm Thanksgiving.
xo, Bren


What terrific ideas for those napkin rings!! That's what makes you such a treasure---you can come up with creative ideas that make me say, "Why didn't I think of that?"
The snow came down today on the little blue house just like the class collage. Timing.....

jessi nagy

super cute!
Happy turkey day!
jessi nagy

terri ventura

Once again you create the most elegant stuff...
love these ..could be a class lol
have a real happy thanksgiving


This is SUCH a cute idea! I love it!! You could dress these up for any holiday. Have the cutest table AND hardly spend a penny on it. How great is that? Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


Charlotte, oh my gosh, looking at those cookbooks seemed like browsing through my collection. I have all three books. I have loved the SP bookbook to pieces from use, and Ina Garten is my favorite cookbook author these days. I just picked up the Junior League cookbook at a thrift store. So glad to hear how much you like it. I'll have to start cooking from it soon. I always knew I loved your books and crafts. I feel an even bigger kinship with you now. Love to hear about your girls! Mona

suzi finer

You clever girl...!!! Just so cool.
Happy Happy yummy day to you!


These are so cool! I love recycled things! I have a friend that collects napkin rings, I know going to make her some of this for Christmas! Thanks for the wonderful idea! Happy Thanksgiving!


Lovely! Right up my alley for sure! Thanks for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving.


WOW! these are wonderful!!!


Dear Charlotte
I always thought we may be on the same wavelength...look at my napkin rings on my Thanksgiving post! Kindred spirits indeed. Thanks so much for your very kind thoughts. xoxo Nicol


Gobble, gobble...
Love to all,


Gobble, gobble...
Love to all,

Kelley ~ JunqueyGal

Once again you've inspired me to do a great craft with my daughters! We don't use paper towels either, but we keep the toilet paper rolls for just this type of thing! Happy Thanksgiving!


Oh gosh Charlotte. I love them both! Simple is so often best. Thanks for the brainstorm idea of using pencil...somehow I like my own handwriting like that too. (kinda like an out of focus photo?) Happy day of giving thanks to you and yours.

Sharon at American Harvest

Hi Charlotte and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family,
Table setting is what IT is all about for me! Great ideas for napkin the recycling!


i am off to make these for my dinner this evening...thanks for the idea...happy thanksgiving my friend...rebecca


i am off to make them for my dinner this i am going to make my turkey shoes to match...happy thanksgiving my friend...rebecca


Just such fun and a real conversation starter! So pretty!

I hope you had a wonderful day!


Susan Tuttle

A truly wonderful idea!



What a wonderful idea!!!These napkin rings are soooo sweet. As of today I am going to be saving my paper towel rolls. Thanks for the inspitation.


JUst beautiful and you make it all seem so effortless.......also loving how you used recycled items!!!
Have a Wonderful Holiday Weekend!!!


Very clever...and classy!
Hope your Thanksgiving day was great. Carol


I just saw your post on the lovely napkin rings. Thanks so much for the idea.


Stephanie Howell

so beautiful and dainty..i must make these!
hope you had a blessed thanksgiving.


What a fabulous idea!!! I am going to run with that one. Thanks so much for sharing!

Ann Christine Dennison

Great idea for any party!

Carolyn Peeler

Cute project Charlotte. love that one with the velvet leaf. I'll bet the table looked fabulous!


Just found this ~ such a great idea and one the kids can help with, too! Didn't find it in time for Thanksgiving, but I'm definitely going to do this for Christmas dinner. Thanks for you inspiration. Blessings, Patricia

Pinkie Denise

I just came over from another blog.
Wow, I had so much fun reading your
archives. Your creations are wonderful. I have heard so much about silver bella, I think I am going to have to go next year....
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Pinkie Denise

tongue in cheek

These will go well with my vintage paper placemats! Who say it has to be silver to be rich in detail and taste? I especailly like the pin on the napkin ring. Clever idea.


love the simple yet elegant touch!
happy holidays


I LOVEEEE your napkins rings , so creative and artisitic ..Lovely

Sara Duckett

I just love these!


Lovely work! I must take one of your Tinsel Trading classes one of these days - it looks like so much fun, and you do such nice things.


I love these! The kids and I are definitely going to have to make some this mom would love a set for a gift. :)


What a wonderful idea! I will be making these for Christmas dinner (which my husband will cook!:))

Hope you had a sweet family holiday, Charlotte!
xo Lidy

Jennifer Paganellli

Charlotte!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is so sweet and so tender just like you!!!! I love how your creative energy puts such
calm into our world... these are so fab...

Sue McG

Goodness that is such a FABULOUS idea, love the little trinkets and pieces you decked them out in :)


A great napkin decoration which is perfect for any table. Thanks for your creative input again. I will certainly try these out!

Kelly W

These are beautiful. What a great idea. I have made some in the past too, but not as elaborate as yours. I made some napkin folds this year for our Church's Men's Ministry Dinner, they are a Lotus Flower. If you go to my blog and scroll down a bit you will be able to see them. I love finding creativive things to do.


Just stumbled across this, how come I never thought to use my paper edger scissors when I make this type of napkin ring??? What a great idea! I will have to store it away until next year!! LOL!

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