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Charlotte Lyons is an author, teacher, and artist based in southwestern Vermont. House Wren Studio is her creative home and a resource for makers and crafters around the world.

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Your 'objets d'art' are so perfect, as usual. Love how they look sweetly homespun and elegant at the same time :)


i loved seeing your designs in home companion. i love that magazine and enjoyed every page of it.

tea time and roses

Charlotte Your work is beautiful! I cannot think of a more beautiful magazine than Home Companion for ones work to that is wonderful!




I saw your little precious snowman on the ME website! I knew instantly it was your creation! Love it and all your other creations posted today!


They are all adorable, congrats on the mag popping over to take a look now.

Leigh Ann

got my HC magazine yesterday and immediately noticed your wonderful snowmen! so cute!


Ooh! This is just too much cute! I love, love, love it! Can't wait to get my copy of the mag. Love that pale color scheme too.


Charlotte, the second I turned the page of MEHC and saw that little house, I knew you had made it. Your work is so sweetly distinctive, it's instant recognition. So cute!


Charlotte, I was just reading my new ME magazine tonight and saw your little snowman. He is just adorable. I have seen you featured in the ME before. Love your creations.
Thanks so much for sharing.


I really look forward to follow your blog through advent dear Charlotte.


Just beautiful. Just when I think I've seen just about every kind of Christmas decorating this popped up. I LOVE your little bird you have at the top of your post. Will that cutie be available?

Daisy Cottage

Good Morning Charlotte!
I love that sweet little bird!Oh that is really precious - you've done good!!!!



Charlotte you do not know this but we had tea together yesterday. My Home Companion came in the mail yesterday. I made a cup of tea, was savoring the pages and low-and-behold there you were. I thought the pictures turned out wonderful. I hope you are happy with them. Everything of course was charming. Thank you for the inspiration. Clarice


I love Christmas and your little bird is so adorable!!

suzi finer

(now that bird looks like it would make a great cake topper...!)


RE: "This is the very best time of year for inspiration." I am inspired by your words. What a lovely way (for artists) to think about the upcoming holidays.

I just retrieved my new MEHC magazine from the mail box. I can't wait to read the magazine (tonight).


Congrats on the magazine. Can't wait to get my copy. I love your little bird; absolutely adorable!


I'm sorry I haven't been around, I've got a painful wonky shoulder WAH! I'll look forward to catching up. But even though I've been away, you've still been there Charlotte - it's been such fun finding you in my mail and in two magazines. What a treat!


These ornaments are so homey and so heirloom-looking. Love them! Good luck with the collection.

Sarah Bowen

Hey Charlotte

I just wanted to pop in and tell you that I ADORE your work in the recent Home Companion, SO YUMMY!!! I could look at your designs for DAYS.

Kelley ~ JunqueyGal

Such pretties! I was so excited to see your treasures in the MEHC. I still can't imagine you didn't make the cover - your page is stunning! Congrats!

Diane Duda

My copy is already wrinkly from looking at it in the tub. ;)
Love everything you do!


These little Sweet wares are so adorable Charlotte! I love how they were featured in ME. So pretty. It's really killing me to have your Sweet Mountain boxes for Silver Bella sitting IN. MY. LIVING. ROOM. in a box right now!! I haven't opened the boxes, or retaped it shut 7 times or any such thing. :P


My issue came and your things are displayed in a lovely way. It's such a nice collection, Charlotte. Best wishes to you!


You are right Charlotte! Inspiration does have a way of taking over this time of year. Your ornaments are darling. I especially like the birdie! Inspiration hit me in aqua and red this year!


Just picked up the latest copy of Cloth Paper Scissors. I loved your article about the left over collages. I took part in Jenny's Bits & Pieces Swap earlier this year (which I believe was based on your idea) and had such fun putting one together. They really are a great way to use up all those odds and ends that none of us can seem to part with. Thanks for such a wonderful idea.


Yes, I got my MEHC last week and turned RIGHT to the article featuring your adorable holiday trimmings. I adore the little house/heart garland. Must make some of those.

julie collings

hi charlotte,
my issue of ME came in the mail right before i left, i saved the issue to read on the plane. what a treat! the photos from your article were fabulous. beautiful colors and layout. you must be so thrilled!!
i am very much looking forward to your class at silver bella.
see you in a couple days, julie

terri ventura

Hi Charlotte,
The newest two articles, featuring your as usual wonderful art, are so great, they put a big ol smile on my face. I got to show people and say "Look , I know this woman isn't she great". Keep up the great work, you always inspire me to dig deeper and do better.
Thanx terri


I have been visiting your site for months but I think this is the first time I've make the most adorable things....I esp. love the mice in the tea cups ore the rabbits in the pots. Everything you do is so adorable and so homemade looking..they are like a li'l bit of cozy. You just want to cuddle up with them. Thanks for offering the world your wonderful work. I plan on going to and snatching up some of your goodes before the holidays.


Congrats on your beautiful work being shown in Home Companion! I spotted it before I even read the words! See you at Silver Bella!! xo natalea


This is you?! I just read this article this weekend and am so in love with your art! Your work is wonderful! Thanks for inspiring! Do you ever teach classes? I'd love to take a class from you. Thanks so much! best, Danielle


I just had a moment to peruse my Home Companion magazine. So nice to see your sweet snowmen smiling from its pages!

M Schrock

I saw this in "Home Companion." One of the subscriptions I treasure. Dug out all of my old Christmas editions, & I have been planning & scheming.

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